Grenade mod ideas

As I was throwing the Stormfront with Moze and watching all the Maliwan bads bake I thought to myself - If’n I can’t have my dlc characters from BL2 can I at least have them as legendary grenade mod? I mean, I’d love to chuck a Gaige at the bads with a 25% chance of Deathtrap damage.
Thoughts anyone?

Well they never said that DLC VH wouldn’t happen, they only said it is less likely to happen due to BL2 data showing people stuck with their first characters. I for one switched to Gaige so I hope they do bring at least 2-4 new VHs.

A grenade mod in reference to Gaige would be pretty awesome too. Im still a bit erked that I’m finding Epic mods for Torgue with with Nuke/Roider/Mirv/Rain which is better than a good chunk of legendaries.