Grenade Mods for M3 TVHM Fl4k

I had been using Hex and Rain Firestorm prior to the hot fix, but l am looking for alternatives currently.

I feel BL3 grenades are very underwhelming compared to the BL2 counterparts aside from a few OP ones that have already been fixed. I was testing Stormfront last night and was disappointed. BL2 one was a powerhouse and could even kill bosses. BL3 one cannot even strip enemies shields.

What’s everyone using now? I am not really looking to deal damage with grenades. I want a good utility!

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The Hex ‘nerf’ made it better for applying Status Effects.

Hunter Seeker. Crits often, especially with Megavore. Can proc Leave No Trace and Head Count, as well as having a very high status chance and cryo efficiency. It’s been a staple on my FL4K for a while, and even moreso after its buff.

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Um no, no it didnt. They nerfed damage and duration but did nothing for the status effects. The ONLY one that got changed was cryo. For every other status hex isn’t even a contender for top

I use an Epic cloning 3 times bounce homing cash drop. I get about a mil per 4 grenades. Plus it wrecks with enemies getting hit 6 times with one grenade.

Money is pretty useless if you farmed a couple legendaries tho

It sure is, but the grenade itself can still clear an area. It is cloning so produces 2, each MIRVs into 3 so now that is 6 grenades and each one explodes 3 times(3 bounce) . So a grenade with 1254 dmg x 2 x 3 x 3 = lots of money and lots of damage (22,572 total dmg). And it is homing as well***

If I got one just like it but with healing instead of money, I sure would switch.

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Ye the transfusion grenades feel a bit weak in this game. I suspect some of the trails end up going to the pet because I feel like I should get a lot more healing.

I noticed that just the other day actually when I kept throwing a transfusion for heals and wouldn’t heal. Then saw the trails go to the stupid pet who was pretty darn healthy.

I’m still using pipe bomb,it’s still effective for me post nerf.

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I didn’t know Hunter Seeker proc’d those skills. I will be looking out for one.

What does procing Leave No Trace with the grenade actually do?

A Hunter Seeker grenade shoots many, many bullets very, very fast while in flight. If you get yourself a variant that splits into multiple grenades when thrown, there is a good chance that ammunition will be added to your magazine faster than you can possibly fire.

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So when the grenade procs Leave no Trace, it adds ammo to FL4K’s magazine? Lol that’s funny. Maybe we can exploit that with small magazine guns like One Pump Chump and Flakker.

My Hive loves it

Not FL4K. Just an observation.

Using Zane and equipping the Digi-Clone with Hive or Scourge. The Grenade mod?

Purple Cloning Flood Longbow. Splits into 3 grenades in flight. Launches up to 3 grenades around it. 1501 DMG/S 48% chance Corrosive.

Keep an eye out for them.

It actually didn’t, that was an illegitimate modded grenade mod that you’re thinking of.

Rain and Diluvian Firestorm variants are still really good, the impact damage was resuced but they make a lot of impacts and inflict a very heavy DoT. I still use it on three of my characters.

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Expert/Master Grenadier COM says hello

Yup, my Axton used kill the double Scorches in the peak all time using Stormfront.
Fire Bee was also great at killing bosses.

So I have been running a crit fl4k for a bit now and Im having a hard time finding good grenades as well.
For example:
-The Hex especially after its recent nerf does way less damage than if I were to just shoot instead
-The Quasar has some decent utility but the singularity radius is too small to be usefull
-The Storm front is decent for stripping shields but this is usually done already by my bullets ricocheting (a shock rowans call will make very short work of shields)
-The Tran Fusion is hardly worth using because most of your trails end up going to your pet instead
-Its Piss would be decent for the healther enemies but I am fairly sure its never longbow, so its pretty clunky to use well.(decent utility in cleaning DoTs maybe?)

I havent played around with the other grenades much but they all seem pretty underwhelming.

I saw a video showcasing the terror annointments. If you get a grenade mod with terror gain every 5 seconds and a shield with ammo regen when you have terror you can have near bottomless mags on fl4k.