Grenade Nerf and Fire in the Skag Den

Everyone has pointed out how vampyr and hex isn’t working with the beam damage but I haven’t seen much talk regarding fire in the skag den.

with this nerf/bug the skill descriptions make so sense. Fire in the skag den still activates hex beams (whenever moze deals SPLASH DAMAGE, she deals bonus incendiary) but they don’t regen grenades with means of destruction (whenever Moze deals SPLASH DAMAGE there is a chance to add ammo and grenades).

I’ve also got the same results from quasar and storm front. So idk what’s going on but the patch notes don’t reflect what’s happening in game

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I hadn’t even noticed Fire in the Skag Den was still proccing for beam grenades, that’s so dumb.

This is such a mess. Gearbox really needs to slow down and reevaluate how they approach making changes to the game, because the way they’re handling it now is really unacceptable for a game at this price point.


They are breaking so much stuff right now that im seriously concerned, they need to go back to day one and forget about the nonsense nerfs and just buff a few other things, and go from there, borderlands was allways unbalanced and full of gimmicks, trying to erase them all is breaking the whole game, and there is one thing i hate with all my soul, but it might be just me, the fact that i cant trust the tooltips and the descriptions anymore, this is game breaking for me, i love theorycrafting but no description matches what happens in game, its irritating and shows lack of testing and rushed hotfixes without polishing.


In a nutshell, they screwed up. No grenades currently trigger MoD, even mico grenades from the Mind Sweeper class mod.

There’s an addendum to the patch notes where they say the Hex and Firestorm changes had unintended side effects and this is one of them. They’ll patch it sooner or later.

Wait, what? I am playing right now and I’m getting grenades to proc MoD. I primarily use Atlas grenades, currently one with 3 MIRVs/3Bounces/+20%dmg. I’ve found that to get use out of MoD with grenades you need to do a lot with grenades. Currently I use Hive and that grenade for most of the content. They end up giving themselves and each other ammo. I will go test with Hex right now and see if I get any procs of MoD from them. I was thinking it still did proc but was greatly reduced due to the major reduction in duration.

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Just tested with a MIRV Hex. It procs MoD. Gained both weapon ammo and grenades. My max grenades at the moment is 14, I ended up throwing 18-20. Restocked again to get an accurate count. Started with 14, was able to throw a total of 17 before I ran out. I stayed far out of range of any enemies to make sure I didn’t loot any grenades.

Thanks! I thought the game was busted but it was just my install.

I copied an old install back into the directory, patched again and thrown grenades are all working now.

That’s made the game a lot more fun again :wink: .

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