Grenade slot option for ALL?!?

Who else thinks this option should be for all characters? I don’t know if others will get a second and then Zane has an option for the third?!?..but it seems weird to give that sole option to one character.
Mainly because it looks to be he can have 4 secondary changers as the others can only have 2.

Amara however has far more augments to the hex slot and a diamond slot that modifies skill element. In contrast she only has 1 active action skill but far options to tune that slot. It will be interesting to see what Moze and FL4K have available to them.

I am totally cool with each character having a vastly different set up to their skill configuration. It’s gonna make playing as each one a very different game.

I’m hoping for some magic style grenade that acts as a…oh, no, I want a frost grenade for my melee Amara now.

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Honestly, I would like the option for all characters, but I can see why they wouldn’t do it. Amara probably won’t need the use of two Action Skills at once (especially with her being able to Phasegrasp a bunch of enemies in one area if you augment her right).

I feel that is what has me fairly hesitant when it comes to Zane. He looks great, but losing grenades feels… wrong. A worthy dilemma to choose from. An extra AS or grenades.

I’m gonna in game logic it as: Zane’s stuff is tech he can deploy, but Amara’s a use of her energy. She needs to recharge her soul and body before using another ability. So she has to do that.

Back to Zane’s grenadelessness. I went through the tree again and saw there’s a mod for the drone to launch grenades, and one where dropping the clone automatically throws a grenade but then, on killing an enemy, the clone can throw a grenade.

These are great ideas in theory but definitely make grenades less…strategizeable.

I never remember to use my grenades, so this will be cool for me.

But overrides are weird in general. Once you get Scorn, opening the Melee To Open safes in Bloodshot is a nightmare as Maya, or burns a stack by With Claws from Gaige.


Personally, I hope they keep this unique to Zane. I picked my character in BL2 (Maya) based on what I knew about her character, and while I’ve seen some of the stuff that other characters are capable of, none of them struck me as having a significant enough gameplay difference to make me switch to them. Which is fine, as none of the other characters had a personality that drew me to them. The other characters had unique things that only they could do in particular situations, but for the rest of the game, they were just like the other characters. Same guns, just a different hand holding it.

Zane’s ability to use 2 Action Skills, on the other hand, is something truly unique, and something that has jumped me from, “Meh” to “I want to play him”. That’s never happened to me in this series. It is actually making me consider making him my first character, when before I was looking pretty much entirely at Amara. As weird as it sounds, I like that. Make each character unique. Give me a reason to agonize over who I’m going to play.

Also worth noting: as has been mentioned, Zane only loses the ability to manually throw grenades. There are a couple of skills in his trees that give him ways to deploy grenades without having to manually throw them. This is both less effective (as you can’t manually throw them), and more effective (for example, you can deploy your Drone, have it target an enemy that is staying back and hiding a lot, and have it drop a grenade on them while you deal with more immediate threats). To me, it further cements Zane’s role as the Gadget Man, and using Gameplay Mechanics to further define a character is great.


When I read that there’ll be 3 action skills, I thought that meant three in conjunction, basically like the hero abilities of the MOBAs and new-fangled shooters. Maybe one of them is a mobility skill, maybe one is a little extra spice, and one is the main signature move. It’s not like this is new to Borderlands either, look at Athena’s Smite: every 8 seconds (iirc) you can call down burning lightning from the sky - practically a mini action skill, and that’s just one example. Instead of messing around with stacks and arcane trigger conditions and little cooldown boxes stuck into the symbol forest at the bottom of the screen, I thought they’d streamline it and just give the players three buttons for three skills with different cooldowns and go from there.

Not gonna lie, I’m a teensy bit disappointed that they didn’t go all the way, but I’m sure it’ll be fun. The augments and synergies still seem really interesting. And I’m sure they considered making the Vault Hunters more like hero shooter fodder, with several cooldown abilities, but decided to go with their own vision, and I can respect that here.

Besides, although I agree with OP’s request in spirit, it’s way too late for it now. It would require a complete overhaul of the characters that get a new slot.

Oh, and we haven’t seen the other two vault hunters yet. I think it’s easily possible that Fl4k also gets 2 slots, him being a sort of beastmaster with a menagerie of pets and all.

I figure they didn’t give each character access to all 3 skills to increase build possibilities and allow players more diversity for playstyle. Something that I really appreciate. Being able to have an Amara join my game and not know almost immediately what they’re gonna be doing…exaggeration, but still.

There could still be ways to customize, come on. There could be upgrades that drastically modify or replace abilities, etc.

There already are. They have the augments and I’m glad they have them. I still think it’s best that they’re making us choose between which AS we use and/or grenades. It sucked when I first heard about it, but I’m kinda digging on the idea now. Giving everybody everything is boring.

I wanna be able to use my guns some of the time and making it so we aren’t just spamming all three abilities (or giving each one a crazy long cooldown) is the a great way to keep the “shooter” in “Looter-Shooter”.

I forget to use my grenades a lot as well. I think this was partially because for most of the game (B1, 1.5, and 2) grenades were always slower at killing than guns/abilities. The only ones I used somewhat often were Transfusion nades so I could soak up that sweeeeeet blood…o, i mean, siphon health. Apologies, for a second I forgot I’m not a vampire…

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I’m hoping for a Tiny Tina Nade/rocket class eventually so I can bust a zoom zoom in BL3’s boom boom. I rely heavily on grenade spam.

Literally the only grenade mod I’m keeping in BL1 are Transfusions. Though, I have an atlas rain I wanna try…

Yeah…In BL1 that was my go to…especially since it was consistent and could give health. Also in Moxxi you could throw them to find out where an enemy was on the map nearby.
Sticky was good at times…but the time delay would get you hurt.
Later i used low powered explosive longbow for my grenade jump.
I’d miss too much with rain.
That’s what i liked about combos with grenades in BL2…homing mirvs. Longbow and throwing…or even stick would be nice and fun with a Rain. In BL1, i found more luck with the…hmm, now i forget if i liked bouncing vettie or mirv? One seemed to work much better.

I’m sure each character is unique. But having an option of multiple things is always good. That’s why in the past they let you fill up 2 trees and then 3? In TPS?..haha, don’t quote me. … Never got that far in the game.
Granted we are only seeing Amara and Zane. And Amara does have 3 augments to zones 2 per skill…being up to four, but losing a grenade. But can use skill and augments to make use of the skill. I think that’s a fair trade off. Because you don’t Need to do it with Zane. Therefore…you wouldn’t have to with other characters.
But it’s all speculation right now for most of us.

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I’m sure it will be fun…almost always has.
I thought they might have a buttload more of the augments to choose from. Maybe there will be upgrades? Or augments from gear would be cool.
In a way I was hoping instead of skin color variations they had clothing mods. Faster reload shirt, jackets, backpacks. Jumping and running leggings. Not maybe too crazy, but a little extra to just tell other games Take That.

Yeah Zane does have a skill that can use grenades. But it could anyways if he only chooses that skill. I’m sure some builds are going to only use 1 skill. It’s having those options that are nice…and even more would be even better, IMHO.
Borderlands has never been about realism. So I don’t think I’d want Amara to get spent after skill and need to hide and crouch to regain stamina. Or have characters slower when they carry a rocket launcher, but if they buffed a gun for a gimmick that’s okay. Or have More have to stop for a breather because she’s a smaller petite character and she’s carrying a bajillion guns.
That’s one reason I would be annoyed with past Call of Duty titles where you could only run for 2 seconds before catching a breather…and your supposed to be a super soldier?!? But, I wish I WISH, I WISH, I WISH!!! Gearbox listen…haha, I wish I could turn off grunts while running. The hard breathing is annoying …and creepy.

I thought that they would too…someone noticed a Moze or Amara screenshot awhile back and wondered if we’d have multiple skills.
That’s why i thought it would be great to just have a huge arching skill tree…maybe even like a tree? But, you could have it still overlap but have tons of skills and overlaps.

I think a good way to have multiple skills with controller key binds is a lot like weapon wheel selection in the Far Cry series. Action skill button depressed can have you select the skill through a wheel or bumper trigger.
Buuuuh, now you can repress your skill to do other actions. So that could get sloppy. But I do like that interaction. Calling zones drone on a target and jumping to switch clones.

I think there are actually a lot of players who don’t like to use grenades. I love them but not everyone does. I think having a character who can trade in grenades for a second action skill is a pretty good way to cater to them.