Grenade Upgrade

Not to trivialise a serious subject, but I am using my Coronavirus self-isolation time to complete all the listed side and main missions.

Just completed the solo version of The Maliwan Takedown with Moze and Bob (Big Ol’ Bear) for the first time (non-Mayhem, but it’s a start!) I have level 53 gear except for my grenade, a level 50 Cloning Ghast Call. My OCD is screaming at me to change it to a level 53 grenade, but I have not found an alternative I like.

Could I ask for your experienced input on a suitable upgrade? (or should I tell my OCD to STFU as I only have a couple of Proving Grounds left to do on the list and it should be happy with that). Is it possible to get a level 53 Ghast Call, or is it seasonal?

PS Build is DW/BM, grenade for Vampyr healing


Vending machine farm up an ‘maddening tracker’ purple Atlas grenade. You are looking for something with at least one ‘bouncy’ and one ‘divider’ attribute; these grenades home in on their target and hit at least 9 times.

The Cloning Maddening Tracker is the best (it hits 18 times), but the money (makes enemies drop cash) or roider (does extra damage) versions are good too.


Thank you for your suggestion. I have read about the CMT in the Top Gear Guide. That makes perfect sense, but…

OCD: Purple? Purple? When all your other gear slots have Gold items in them? What are you thinking?

Me: (Sigh!) Will you just let one go? It is the expert’s choice!

I will try to find one, versions as you suggest


Don’t sleep on purple grenades. You can pack up to four different attributes on to each one; legendaries will cap out at three at most. Also you can farm them really easy.


Those are pretty rare. Until then, epicenters do well for refilling your health bar with vampyr. Ghast calls, even though they are level 50, are pretty good. If you are on Xbox I might have a ghast call left over from Halloween. Mirv related grenades work well, as well as minefields. Basically anything that can spread out and get damage to targets to proc your healing.


I am on Xbox, thank you for your offer (great community, unprompted offering items to strangers) but I suspect all Halloween items will be pre-level increase. I have just found a MIRV-Tacular Hex with Cryo damage that is not too bad at keeping health up, along with my Otto Idol (health regeneration modifier). It also causes pretty explosions, which is a big factor for me. I like my enemies to die spectacularly.

On a totally unrelated note, my Westergun with 160 % splash damage seems to increase my shields from 17 k to 27 k for a short while after exiting Bob. What causes that?

There is anoitment that grants shields on exit of Bob. You might have one equipped.

The ghast call has skulls that pop out. Each one procs vampyre and it constantly heals you. They also track enemy targets. It’s as close to constant healing I’ve found outside of Regen on artifacts/mods.

I have checked, but all weapons have damage annointments, no mention of shield increase. OCD is going crazy trying to figure out where it is coming from.

I agree with the consistency of healing from the Ghast Call, which is why I have not swapped the level 50 one out yet. Throwing multiple ones out with the Cloning effect is funny, it causes crowds of skulls, the number of which would be banned from gathering together under current quarantine guidelines.

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Lol I have a cloning I still use. It destroys agonizer. You can’t see it through the skulls.

I also run a free lottery for gear I don’t use. It changes daily. Xbox only.

I have a Transfusion Maddening that is boss as well

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The reasoning is unknown. It could be a bug or it could be intentional to help prevent Topped Off from constantly proccing and creating an endless 160% splash loop. Though the latter is still possible on an instant exit build, I’m thinking more to prevent being able to give Iron Bear the boost while piloting the mech.

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Thank you! My OCD is placated (for now, it will come up with something else later) knowing that there is not an obvious reason behind it and it is not something I/it has missed.

The splash annointment causes a similar effect to the shield annointment on Iron Bear exit. Has for ages, no one knows why. The two annointments stack also.

technically, its 3 attributes plus the fixed manufacturer attribute. but that same restriction applies to legendaries, and their legendary effects generally take up at least 1 attribute slot, which is why so many of them are so bad; their effects aren’t strong enough to be useful and they have too many fixed parts.

I am not entirely sure I kept it, but I might have a vanilla ghast call lvl 53 that I have obtained from the broke hearts event.
Are you on pc?

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I am on Xbox, but thank you for your kind offer.

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If you absolutely must have a legendary grenade (I understand the feeling), Spring Epicentre is also very good at healing, but unlike Atlas nades or Ghast Call, you have to throw it on target.

Admittedly the Ghast Call and Hex have made me poor in terms of grenade accuracy. At the moment I could not hit a cow’s ass with a banjo. I need to “git gud” before consistently using an Epicentre or the like.

That will be my new project with all the spare time I have, as my isolation has been extended for a week. Good news is all side quests are done! Bad news is the Eridian Writings achievement is bugged on Xbox and I cannot get it to activate despite having 30/30.

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Try reading the ones in tannis’ clinic.