Grenade Zane is fun

This is not a new build or anything,
alot of people have posted comprehensive guides/builds already.

However I found this mod and started playing with 1 action skill and grenades.
Grenade regeneration goes up to 50% per second with improved kill skills, which means we could get grenade regen on par with Moze. Not saying grenade zane is better, but viable.
(and not dependend on using Hex grenades)
It feels strong and you can costumize your grenade build as you like.
(Key Skills)
I’m using something like this Build, heavy focus on hitman… i just like kill skills…

edit: of course you don’t need duct tape mod

I’m making a post about this, because I’ve been struggeling finding a Zane build that I like.
(yeah I probably tried all the builds by now).
Cryo builds are amazing, but having the visual clutter and over the top pixel effects with barrier isn’t that fun for me. Hope they fix this soon.
And it seems that I’ve found something that I enjoy playing.


And how is it performing for you? I had the same build at some point just a little bit different with more Hitman and seeing red instead of boom enhance and double barrel.
So I kept nuking clone and throwing grenades, but it wasn’t very damaging even with a recurring hex…

It’s not “gamebreaking” for sure and compared to other hunters still low I’d guess.
Took this through Slaughter mayhem 3 and was doing fine with somewhat neutral modifiers.
As long as you kill one enemy you can start going ham. With all those kill skill procs & lifesteal (which grenades trigger) you rarely go down.

It’s performing better than cryo builds for me. But I hate the visual Barrier bugs, so I’m biased.

Here is my grenade Zane build.High Noon Maggie grenade chucking cryo build