Grenades and Trigger Grades (Fuse time)

Something I noticed when playing around with that outdated item creator for BL2 online is for grenade mods that have the lowest trigger grade they dont all achieve 0.0 fuse time. It is ever possible for grenades to spawn with NO trigger grade at all thus making it a 0.0 fuse time? Or is there a super rare occurrence/glitch?


0.0 Fuse Time Grenades Found so far:

Lobbed Singularity Grenade (explosive lvl 56)

Lobbed Tesla ( shock level 60)

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There is a glitch for crossfire wherein the 1.0 fuse time is actually 0.0 fuse.

not sure with the others.

Ah thanks the reason I ask is occasionally I see some lobbed cloud grenade from Vladof with 0.0 fuse time but the only way to get that is for it to have no trigger grade at all. On top of that people have repeatedly talked about longbow grenades having 0.0 fuse time and once again the only way that is possible is to have no trigger grade for fuse time at all. So I guess the game can rarely generate it but the lowest fuse time with a trigger grade 0 will always have a little bit above 0.0.

I’ve had plenty of 0.0 fuse times. Most commonly on rubberized delivery, but I’ve definitely had them with the other deliveries as well. Grenade parts are almost as impossible to figure as relics and coms so I never tried to sort out why, but 0.0 is no unicorn. Maybe an endangered species, but certainly not mythical.

Agreed. I’ve found my fair share of legit. 0.0 fuse time grenades in-game. (And we don’t discuss the other kind!)

I’m a bit vague as to exactly what the question is, but there are indeed some red-text grenades (actually the O-Neg is the only one that springs to mind) that cannot spawn with the trigger grade 0. If memory serves there are five trigger grades, but the actual fuse time depends on a calculation between the trigger grade and the delivery mechanism.

Delivery mechanism changes the actual time obviously. A Rubberized with a fuse time of zero will normally take much longer to go off than a longbow simply because of the bounce. But a grenade with 0 fuse time should definitely go off on impact regardless of delivery.

Sorry if I didn’t answer your question.

I found a lvl 17 green shock grenade with a 0 fuse time the other day, I was surprised since I had never seen a green with that low a fuse before.

Delivery system(longbow, lobbed, etc) influences fuse time. IIRC homing grenades can’t be 0.0 fuse

That is fine and for now I am just talking about non legends and non unique grenades but I am aware of the O-Negative glitch. It seems like transfusion never has a 0.0 fuse time or I have been unlucky. I do know certain delivery times add more to the fuse time than others though.

I am just pointing out that after playing around with the gear calc the only way to have a fuse time of 0.0 is for the grenade to spawn with NO trigger grade part at all and I am not sure if this is glitchy or intentional since the lowest trigger grade is called “Trigger Grade0” so it seems like it should always spawn with a part no matter what.

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I sort of gathered that as well although if anyone is interested I just found a 0.0 fuse time Lobbed Singularity so they do exist. I am going to try to collect as many as I can and make a list in original post.

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I have found transfusions with 0.0 fuse, both blue and purple. Always been longbow tho.
Also good luck on making a guide! We can’t get enough of those

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Awesome! Thanks for the heads up then :slight_smile:

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Also curious side question on a topic I never knew much about. Does a level 1 transfusion grenade steal as much health as a level 72? The only difference being the damage inflicted but not health stolen? Or is it both?

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I believe the health steal is based on the damage number. I’m sure someone knows better, but I’ve definitely upgraded transfusions and seen a difference in the amount of health recovered. It’s anecdotal, but it’s the best I’ve got.

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I got some good luck in finding 0 fuse time grenade killing crawmerax, slag transfusion, singularities, teslas and betties.

Wow very nice work! I am hoping to reach that level of loot find once I hit 72 for Salvador again.

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That would probably make the most sense yeah… thanks for offering your input it might be a little too cheap to have something stealing so much at a low level.


I believe that the game gives less spawn-chance weight to that particular trigger - similar to Maliwan shield parts. I have no proof of that, but I think we can all agree that it’s likely.

Regarding the GearCalc : it’s wrong (shields are inaccurate too). Trigger Grade 0 will give 0 fuse time - not 0.9.

These are grenades with Trigger Grade none, zero, one, two, three, four, five

Notice the “Trigger None” is broken.

And regarding the healing effect : actually that’s an excellent question.
This is in no way scientific, but using the above grenade (1722x8), I got 517 for each trail :

I started at 8526 health and finished at 12140 = 3614 total regained health. BAR off btw
If I divide that by seven I get 516.29 - I’ll just assume that one trail got stuck.
517 divided by 1722 (grenade’s card damage) = ~0.30

So basically 30% life steal. NOT SCIENCE!!
(but 30%)


Awesome post Jefe! very informative as always. Interesting finds on the transfusion I never knew the exact math to them myself and that was nice of you to do a little digging on that.

I am glad you got to the bottom of the trigger grade mystery I was never quite sure what was going on there when a grenade would spawn you ease my OCD a lot more with that post lol. Thanks again.


not too sure about 0.0 fuses, but i have noticed Rubberized ones usually have very short fuse times.