Grenades that Do Not Self Damage?

Having a hard time finding this information so I thought I’d ask.

I believe the Hex will not self damage…


Epicenter comes to mind as one of the best nades that do not harm the user and look for one with the spring prefix as it is the best version or as a Moze main myself I have used a lvl 1 Cmt for utility to proc
Vampir for health regen

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storm front also doesnt
i hoped it would, to utilize the transformer, but it doesnt

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I use Epicenter more than any other grenade and it’s downright lethal to me if im not careful. But when I ran Bloodletter I would throw it right in enemies faces without taking much damage. Maybe the shield healing with Bloodletter outpaces any self damage from the splash?

Hex doesn’t seem to harm the thrower on its own but MIRV versions can kill you if a stray one lands on you.

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Reeeeally low lv CMT :stuck_out_tongue: i don’t know about the light speed. Probably the first explosion doesn’t damage you. There’s the Hot Spring too, but you might as well say it doesnt dmg enemies either


Hex will self damage and skag den you hard after all possible second winds are killed. Happens to me frequently.

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I tried out a bunch….

Best all around still damaged you but MAN does this work!

Hyperian Company Man with Grenade Damage and Splash
Blast Master with Grenade Damage and Splash
Guardian Angel Shotgun with Railguns 100% extra anoint
Recurring Hex with 150% grenade Damage while Action Skill in effect anoint…I used shock version
MoD, TCP and redistribution fully specced

With all the Splash and Grenade damage from your build, the mod, the artifact and especially the shotgun special effect……

It’s a Grenade “chukoholic” dream.

And the corrosive Railguns on iron cub just destroy.

The only time I’m actually shooting the shotgun is to regen grenades.

It will down you occasionally but I did not think it bad at all. You just have to be careful towards the end of a fight when there are fewer enemies around to FFYL on.

I spent some Eridian and put the same Anoint on my level 65 cloning Maddening Tracker and it worked extremely well too. But it did down me more often.

And the Hex did a pretty good job of keeping me healed at the same time with Vampyr of 3/5

The guardian angel puts it over the top, no question but an alternate could be a simple Slow Hand with it’s 50% heal. Not as much grenade damage but you’re healing combined with Vampyr would be over the top.


Hot Spring and Quasar also come to mind.

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I have managed to kill myself with every single grenade that has been listed here (hex, epicenter, storm front, light speed, quasar) with the exception of the hot spring. TBF sometimes the thing that is killing me is not so much the grenade damage itself, but ASE bonus elements, skag den, revolter shield (killed my Zane w/ a lvl 10 fish slap) etc. Regardless, even if the grenades listed did not always consistently murder me they did self damage me, and if the intent is to completely avoid self damage, once again the hot spring is the only grenade I can say without a doubt does zero self damage (or any damage to anyone or anything) regardless of any skills/shields/ASE/etc.

I just throw my LV.72 CMT and stay well back.

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