Grenades, the problem that can be solved

In the last patch we got some new buffs to weapons, and finally scaling to the granades on mayhem 1-10. But atm the damage of grenades on mayhem 10 is miserable. The nice example is Fastball, the nade that wrecked mobs in BL2 have 35k damage at best, and it just ticles enemies at M10. I know this is not main priority right now, but this can easilly be solved by correcting scale value for more or just buffing the nades from the core, coz, really the same fastball was useless at m1-4 pre 2.0 too. What’s your opinion on the topic?

nades must be revisited from very base game and evaluated to their closest peers which is launchers and corrected for their carrying capacity + return rate (average grenades fund per x kills or whatever) and after buffing values for mayhem 0 then apply appropriate scaling for mayhem levels. matching the same curve of effectiveness reduction as guns

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Except that most guns are still very undeperforming, yes, something like that, but maybe less complicated.