"Grey" gear ? Wouldn't activate in game :/

Hello everybody, I don’t know where to post this, I search for a topic about gear or for every question that just need a little answer but didn’t find it !

So, I found pieces of gear that appear grey but are blue (or any other gear color)

I put that on my loadout but couldn’t activate it in game (and I add more than enough shard !).

So, does anyone know why it didn’t work ? Each time I died the game would tell me to activate my gear (since I add lots of shards), but couldn’t, it was very frustrating !

I came on here looking for this exact information. I got a legendary gear that says “Orendi Only” on it. I was really looking forward to using it because orendi is far and away my favorite battleborn. But it’s greyed out and I can’t use it, even on Orendi

I got some rare reward gear with a large negative that was also grayed out.

My inventory was full and it was trash so I sold it without trying to use it.

From my understanding, there’s a bug with the healing received percent not working properly. They decided to disable certain pieces of gear completely until it can be fixed.

Mine doesn’t even provide that stat, and its greyed out. although mine is the “Orendi Only” one so it’s probably a similar bug

I had the same issue with a random piece of gear:

…However, after restarting the game much later on, it randomly fixed itself and stopped being “grey”. I never attempted to use it in-game, though (this was on the PC version as well by the way).

Yeah, it’s not grey anymore, I supposed they fixed all the problems there was with these items !

Mines still busted. It’s also an orendi only legendary item (the orange one)


Ah! Ok, thanks for the quick reply.

The Orendi Legendary was disabled for the duration of the beta, but the others were re-enabled in the recent micropatch.

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