"Grey-Tranparent" gear?

So starting frm today i cant use that legendary why ?

From the latest Battleplan:

It’ll be usable after GBX fixes the issues with it.

I’m kind of confused as to why all those Gauntlest are grayed out, too :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

These are…ehh…Vow Something something…Vow of Vengeance - wear one too and its blacked out currently.

But those Gauntlets all have different icons. Vow of Vengeance is a Jennerit gauntlet. It also glows and stuff.

Duhhhh, I had to turn my screen up o full brightnes until I recognized that lol
Very very strange… If I see correctly those are even 5 different ones. Seems they banned the whole legenday type O.O

My Legendary Gauntlets can still be used, though… Odd.

Mhhhhh…maybe the OP had a bug/glitch while doing the screenshot?

Hey @turbatu4you any guess about that? Did they turned grey same time as your VoxisCore?

nah no update for vex

but for the rest grey-transparet in image … they show like that wen u wana change some item in loadout DUAH !!


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Duhhhhh I never payed attention to that until you mentioned it! XD