Greyed out gear, when will GBX reactivate

i found out that this is gear that is deactivated by gearbox by looking through the forums but when will it be activated again, for example i just got a legendary called vigilance link from a story mission but cant use it because its deactivated. when will GBX reactivate it? i understand that each piece they deactivated cant be fixed that easily.

Keep your eyes open for an update announcement - hopefully if not this week then next! GBX have said the required fixes can’t be done by simple hotfix and need to be part of a full update. One should be coming soon for Pendles and the new maps.

Next big update is Thursday that includes fixes and new mp maps so hopefully then

the only one I got now that is greyed out is some shard generator that is only good for PVP since the bonus is that of stealing shards from others based on damage. Unless this is to suggest that the thralls and such are carrying stealable shards…

The Vigilance Link and Voxis Core have been disabled for a long time, I’d like to see the VL brought back but I don’t know what they can really do to still keep it at “legendary” status while setting it apart from rare Eldrid vests (It was disabled because full teams using it could stack 1100 health)

I guess they’re having that problem and that’s why it’s been disabled for so long.

All they have to do is make it so it doesn’t stack. It will still get used plenty.


So, looks like this week is the week (although the dates in the various posts are a bit out of whack):

Patch notes include fixes and updates to a number of legendary items. It’s a very long list of changes!

They’re doing just that lol, good call!

Funny, though. Several other effects like Song of Vigor are listed as no longer applying to the person wearing the item. I can’t help but wonder if VL is different, or if they neglected to mention it.

Song of Vigor still stacks though so shh :wink:

Damn, they figured out that I was (albeit slowly) regenerating sentries with the Oath of the Sustained lol, I tried to keep it secret deliberately :stuck_out_tongue:

I love the dates, just in the title and post they have two different (one is incorrect) dates and if you view the patch notes they say they are dated for tomorrow Wednesday. So while it is supposed to be this week is it Wednesday or Thursday that we get the patch?

Pretty sure this is all for Thursday. Joe’s been pinged on the date thing several times by different people in the New post, so I’m sure the title and patch notes will be corrected sooner or later!

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Ok, cool After I actually opened the post I saw That you had actually made the exact same comment.