Greyed out Gear?

I remember this happening with Orendi’s gear because it was OP and broken, but its currently happening for a piece of gear that I have, called Friction Fizz. I have looked literally everywhere and found nothing. If anyone knows anything please let me know, cause I kinda really want to use this gear! Thanks all!

Grayed gear?. like in the gear menu when picking your loadout? If so you cant pick two gears of the same type, they will have the same picture.

Yup. We reported the bug to DEATH back in the Closed Beta - I’m very happy to see it wasn’t fixed.

He is referring to a bug where gear sometimes random comes all “darkened”. If you attempt to use it in-game, you cannot activate it.

VERY pleased to say my level of “pissyness” was raised tenfold this time when it happened to one of my LEGENDARIES FFS!