Grille of the trickster head?

I was wondering if anybody who has got this drop can tell me what vault hunter mode you were in and what level in the mutater arena you had set. I have been farming the mutater arena in uvhm in levels 3-5 and in regular mode level 9 for two weeks without a single grille drop. I have gotten plenty of the dread heads but no trickster. Any help would be appreciated.

I’m pretty sure the ones I’ve gotten were during the story on UVHM. But I don’t think he is like Felicity and only drops during the story kill. @Kurtdawg13 you’ve done allot of farming n such, have you any incite?

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Thanks for the quick reply. I will wait and see if anyone else has any info. I don’ t want to reset since I’m pretty set up with all my farming spots. I could get my jack into uvhm to do the story but that’s not something I would like to do. That is the only head I need and I’m also 2 skins away from having all the obtainable skins there is. I will say farming the mutater has netted me tons of level 70 dlc legendary items. They definitely have a better chance to drop in there than anywhere else.

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What platform are you on?

my Trickster head was already in my change station. i dont remember it being a drop. it could be a glitch? i also have a gearbox skin thats supposed to be for gbx employees only. it was just there. appeared on its own after an update or patch. i think it was when they gave us the uvhm add on.

It must be a glitch I did not think the gearbox skin was obtainable. I am on ps4 now with the handsome collection,but started playing on the PS3 since game came out. It sucks this game isn’t as popular as bl2 it is tough to get a lot of info on specific things.

Too bad, I would offer to help you find one but I’m on 360. You could try to find one here up for trade.

I appreciate the offer anyways. It sucks I have to come on the pre sequel board in order to get info knowing most people on here are on PS3 and not 4. I don’t see many people playing pre sequel on the handsome collection. I have tried the trade boards and no replies. I don’t think many people have it. I might have to reset my game and try farming story mode since I hate having something escape me. I think this and the not so cute tork skin are the hardest things to get. That and the form factor skin which nobody knows who drops that. Thank you again for the help and reply i appreciate it.