Grille of trickster head!

Willing to trade level 70 legendary’s for this head for Wilhelm. Been farming over two weeks getting tired of it . I’ve got all level 70 legendary’s to trade, here is just a few : rustlers flayer ,all Jacobs parts, lots of laser diskers , pro revolutions, luck cannons you can have as much as you want I just want to get the trickster mask. Thanks


Yeah, I have that head…but, it’s in “shifty sheldon” kiosk. I can’t trade it to you because when I click on it to get it then it is used unless you know away around this.

Not sure why I have it but it is a shift account reward.

I have gotten rewards for having Borderlands 1 & 2 and TPS game saves Tales from the Borderlands save and season pass for T.f.t.B.

not much help but there are other ways to get it.

That sucks! Maybe I will check my shift but I’m sure it’s not in there! I have tales also and have old saves myself but have never seen it in there.i don’t know any way around it but thank you anyway for responding. I appreciate it hopefully I’ll check my shift and see if it’s in there.