Grinder Challenge

I would like to complete all the challenges in this game, but it seems impossible to complete.
I am at level 4 of the grinder challenge and I have already done 1500…
The level 5 is 25.000!!!
It really seems absurd…someone has completed this challenge?

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Yes. I do a lot of grinding though!


I have a friend that plays and farms the BAR with me, He used the Grinder so much he was able to Grind out “0” level Legendarys. when I start a new toon, I most often will equip them with those for fun.


I definitely laughed when I saw that. Athena’s my original character and I’ve had the game since launch; I think I’m right around where you are, 1500 or so grinds with her.

Just another 23,000 to go!


I like completing all challenges too but when I saw some of the numbers, like that grinder one taking the crown, I just said “**** it”.

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So i have a question…
ok maybe a cpl…

Playing BL tps. lvl 30 ceraunic ATHENA
Working claptastic voyage now about to finish my 1st runthrough used the grinder QUITE a bit however…

1.WHY does the grinder sometimes REARRANGE the order of my grindables?

2.Everyone speaks about shield/weapon ‘PARTS’ as if it makes some kind of difference and yet NO WHERE I have read, has ANYONE offered a description of what that difference is.
Does each slot on the grinder represent a specific ‘PART’ of a weapon/shield,etc?
and how should I be using it to get the gear i want?
ANY help would be MUCH appreciated.
I have looked @ weapon/shield tables on Borderlands Wiki but the DO NOT REFLECT BL tps gear ONLY BL2

in one word
strong text

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No idea, other than possible gear level and/or value. It just does it.

Yes. Since TPS is basically BL2, the weapon system is mostly the same. You can find an overview of parts, naming, and how they contribute to statistics here:

The grinder slots are unrelated to the weapon parts (since there’s only three of them, but a gun has multiple parts) - basically, the grinder slots are loadout or equipment or storage slots.

When your stuff gets all ground up, the game takes your inputs and selects some level of output eg it will roll the magic RNG algorithm for rarity, check to see if the ingredients match a recipe (which defines the type of thing generated) or not (which gives you a random item in the same general category eg. gun, shield, grenade, class mod, oz kit). It’ll then follow the same process as for loot drops by determining which manufacturer each part is, whether there’s an element, whether there’s a secondary accessory, etc. You’ll find more on that process here:

There are obviously some differences between TPS and BL2 (cryo versus slag, oz kit versus relic, scav versus bandit, plus luneshine and laser weapons) but otherwise the mechanics are pretty much the same.[quote=“runner2469, post:6, topic:1557036”]
I have looked @ weapon/shield tables on Borderlands Wiki but the DO NOT REFLECT BL tps gear ONLY BL2

There should be separate master tables and entries for TPS weapson, but the TPS section has never been as well developed as the BL2 one. That’s probably because BL2 has been out much longer, and has always been the more popular game. If there’s something specific you want to know, I’d suggest either a google query which explicitly includes ‘TPS’ or ‘presequel’ as search terms, or post in the TPS #borderlands-the-pre-sequel:bl-tps-loot-and-weapons-chat section.

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Thanks for that!
This is the 1st USEFUL tidbit of information i have managed to gather.
so AGAIN the order i grind in DOES NOT MATTER.
Also if i’m trying for specific gear then i need to use the separate ‘PARTS’ that said gear is comprised of right?
so do these pictures represent the various parts for this gear?
and most importantly,any estimate as to how many grinds it may take to get what im after?

Its nice to correspond w/a person possessed of intellect manners and a willingness to HELP!

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so HOW does ANY of this information affect my ability to grind a SPECIFIC shield,or weapon?

I mean it does flesh out the armory a bit more but if you’ll forgive my selfishness but so what?

For instance if I grind the SAME PARTS that compose this shield (in no particular order) does that in ANY way INCREASE my odds of ACTUALLY GRINDING this Black Hole?

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Nope. What you input does nothing to affect what comes out in any way other than the type of gear and the potential rarity. The parts on the gear you put in will not affect the parts of what comes out at all.

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No. The parts on the gear you throw in don’t matter. If you want a shield, throw in three shields. The grinder will spit out a different shields with random parts. If you’re grinding lower rarity items and want to guarantee a higher rarity item, use moonstone. The algorithm behind the grinder is pretty simple; it’s certainly not at the level of sophistication of analysing the individual parts and giving you back the best combination of those parts.

Here’s a summary of grinder recipes - as you can see, you can manipulate the grinder into coughing up the right type of item (SMG, launcher, etc.) but after that it’s all down to RNG:

Color Coded - Grinder Recipes [Guide][quote=“runner2469, post:9, topic:1557036”]
For instance if I grind the SAME PARTS that compose this shield (in no particular order) does that in ANY way INCREASE my odds of ACTUALLY GRINDING this Black Hole?

No. You’re over-thinking the grinder! I’ll admit that it would be pretty cool if you could do this, but the coding to make it work would be pretty complex, and we are talking a game originally developed for 360/PS3 here.

The main advantage of using the grinder is that it gives you a way of taking low rarity items and converting them into higher rarity ones, with correspondingly better stats. Yes, you can get legendaries and unique items as well, and you can also get luneshine bonues on things. It’s not quite the “workbench” some fans were asking for, but it’s not bad.

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Ok got it.
And thank you for the clarification and patience/effort put into your response.

So one LAST question…

If parts make NO difference then WHY THE HELL does ANYONE bother putting together parts charts “101”???
I mean it’s truly “random” THEN WHY BOTHER???

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I haven’t seen any parts charts in relation to the grinder, but I have seen them in relation to weapon stats. Parts absolutely make a difference to any gear item’s performance, especially guns and launchers. So, it might be nice to know whether the weapon you just got out of the grinder is as good as it’s going to get, or if it could actually be a bit better with a different grip or stock.

Some folks are really into min-maxing all their gear, but that’s probably because they’ve completed the story multiple times, have maximum level characters, and want to try optimizing their farming runs.

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@runner2469 as VaultHunter101 says, but I am more the way you are, to me parts is parts, so I pay little attention to them, but you are actually still looking at parts as you try to get better damage & aim on that special sniper, or more damage on an SMG, they’ve just made a list for what parts make that happen.

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That makes some sense

I much appreciate the patience and willingness to help a gamer come to a better understanding.
Your help here should help me determine how i wish to proceed w/my game.