Grinder General Discussion

Thought I’d start a general discussion thread for the grinder. What are the latest grinds available? What are all the recipes? What did you get from the grinder today? Etc…

Continuing the discussion from The Grinder is a Troll:

I ain’t got ■■■■ and farming purple class mods to eventually get a Celestial mod for my characters of choice gets tiring, and quite literally so because of Sentinel’s unskippable cutscene and many transitions. I get that the cutscene plays over him appearing out of thin air and I get that a staged fight is something a lot of people wanted, though.

Other than that I hate each and every badass rank challenge associated with the grinder. I did 52 moonstone grinds before completing rank 1 of “obtain luneshine weapons from the grinder”… Which in turn got me several ranks in “perform moonstone grinds”. Farming moonstones is little more fun than obtaining low level guns (or badass rank farming) is.

I just hope at least two thirds of the grinder- or vendor-only legendaries become farmable in the campaign DLC. And that there will be a good ol’ health mountain raidboss (but please without immunities to everything but shock and nonelemental - Odjurymir…).

I’m sorry I’ve deviated from the topic a little, but without legendaries, the grinder doesn’t really put out legendaries. It’s a great machine overall, giving a purpose to scrap legendaries that’d be otherwise littering my storage characters, but it doesn’t have the boss drops to back it up as a legendary-of-choice-obtainig-device. And it has helped to make dashboard (or read-only) farming really prominent in the presequel.

3 purple shields netted me a 93% Sham. I’ve had others but this one stands out for obvious reasons.


I threw in three level 30ish legendaries today and finally got a hellfire. Which is perfect for my shock/fire Athena. Now I need a good shock gun to complement it. Still stuck on moxxi’s shock laser.

I actually had 3 legendary shields give me a purple shield today. That was wacky.

I believe the purple cryo nova shields counts as a legendary item as far as the grinder is concerned. So you can grind it with two other legendary shield for another legendary.

Good to know. I knew that they weren’t counting as purple rarity as it isn’t an option with other purples to grind. I don’t think it’s limited to just Cryo element only too.

@Matrixneo42 If it was a Nova shield that happens. Grinder trolling for sure. Congrats on the Hellfire btw.

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Fire spike came out. I probably sold or ditched it. Though those are lovely against Torks. Just walk into the invested area and stand there.

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Purple cryo spike shields are marked as rare. It works the other way too; they grind as legendaries, so grindng three purple cryo spike shields (or two plus an orange, or one plus two oranges, etc) will net an orange shield for you (unless it pops out a purple cryo spike again, which occasionally happens). I do this all the time.

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Has anyone ever got a ladyfist or a fibber from the grinder? I needz deez BADLY for my Nisha Sheriff of Legend build.

Both aren’t in-game and the only way to get them is save-editing.
I’ve heard grinding 3 purple classmods should be possible by now to get a legendary com, but it isn’t working for me. I’m on pc, so my point is: was there any update/patch i could have missed?

Possibly. I’ve gotten all three legendary mods from three purple mods and moonstones. I’m on PS3 btw.

I checked and patch notes discuss Grinder mechanics hotfix from October 21st being hardcoded on December 16th.

This works everywhere but X360.

I’m offline only, so after dowloading the Holodome as priority, I could have missed on that.
I update my stuff from time to time by using a buddie’s net connection.

What works on the 360? I didn’t keep up with all of the grinder changes because I was level 50 and had all the gear I wanted before Gearbox started tinkering around with it.

I have no idea, I am PC Master Race :smile:

I just know that that was specifically bugged as people were discussing it earlier this year.

Grinding COMs does work on 360 now! I just grinded some COMs (purple and legendary) from purples for Clappy last night. So they did push a hotfix that fixes this issue finally for 360 users as well. Finally. Thx Gbx!


Thanks for the update! :slight_smile: I got a new lvl 60 Celestial Lawbringer mod out of the grinder just now. Same cooldown as my lvl 50 (40%) but I got the max health regen of 13.5%. Woohoo!!!

Seriously, I’m glad you filled me in about the fix.

You’re welcome. I was waiting for the fix as well. Couldn’t stand that it was working on all platforms but 360. this grind is go, soldier.