Grinder: Moonstone Option Disappeared

My moonstone grind option has suddenly disappeared. I literally just did several 3 x purple shield + Moonstone grinds, and when I logged in again, I don’t have the option any more. I do still have the option to do non-moonstone grinds.

This seems like the opposite problem I was having prior to the hotfix (which was that 3 x purple could ONLY be moonstone grinded, and 3 x purple by itself would not allow anything to happen). Anyone seen this before?

(which was that 3 x purple could ONLY be moonstone grinded, and 3 x purple by itself would not allow anything to happen)

We’re not supposed to be able to use moonstones when grinding pure purple. If you’re getting the option to moonstone grind at all, that’s part of the problem.

Thanks for the reply on this. I hadn’t heard that, and thought that moonstone grinding purple was added for all recipes.

I’m seeing the moonstone grind option again for all types of purple grinds, so I guess it’s a moot point for now. :smile:

No Problem. There is a selection of gear that won’t grind at all, from what I can tell though, it’s mostly mission items. If the regular grind disappears again try switching which weapons you’re putting into the grinder.

For anyone else that runs into this, the issue is that the hotfix isn’t applying correctly after a crash to desktop. (This has happened twice to me.) I was able to fix the issue by quitting the game to desktop normally, and then restarting.

I have seen no official confirmation of this either way. I don’t think anyone knows this for sure (please point me to evidence contradicting me if there is any).

The Grinder is still hopelessly bugged even with the hot fix. If I go offline (no hot fix) I can always moonstone grind 3 purples. If I go online, I can sometimes and other times not. Sometimes I try to regular-grind 3 purples and it just does nothing (option is there but pressing the button has no response). Just recently (last couple days) grinding 3 blues stopped working for me with and without mooonstone, online and offline (friends in the same session can successfully grind the same 3 items with and without moonstone.

As a programmer, I shudder to think what the code for the Grinder looks like, that something so conceptually simple can have so many issues that defy repeated attempts to fix them.