Grinder Question!

Hey all you TPS experts,

May be a stupid question, but I’ve been away from TPS for a while
since I honestly was not a fan of any of the DLC’s until the most recent Claptrap DLC!
Went to the grinder again and found that:

What used to be the guaranteed Legendary Gun Combo (2 Legends + Purple of desired Type)
no longer works, at least I’m not allowed to do a moonstone grind on most combos.
I believe the 2 particular legendaries I had, I think it was an AR and Shotty, + Purple Pistol
was not moonstone grindable, but switching out the pistol for a purple SMG was okay.

Wondering if:

  1. 2 Legends + Purple of Desired Type moonstone grinding is now gone
  2. How to grind for legendary Class mods, Oz Kits, & Shields outside of 3 purples + prayers

Would appreciate any insights :smile:

You can moonstone grind class mods, but other than that…it’s weird, haven’t been grinding a lot lately (with 2 legs, cause I don’t have them :smiley:)

Ah so I’m allowed to moonstone grind 3 purple class mods for a Legendary COM? That’s Sweet! thanks :smiley:

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yeah they made everything strange… I wish they had kept it one way or the other, but getting used to one thing and them just switching it out of nowhere has thrown me off.

Has a new Grinder user guide been created by any clever clogs experts yet? I can’t seem to get my head round what gets you an orange in all item types anymore and I wasted a few items sadly

It seems I wasn’t the only one in the dark!
That’s good, hopefully someone is able to enlighten us :slight_smile: