Grinder REPEATEDLY Crashing My Game (Mac)

Okay, guys, this is getting extremely frustrating. The last few days (I’m assuming since the latest update/hotfix) using the grinder has been crashing my game about 80 or 90 percent of the time. Why is this happening? It is SERIOUSLY pissing me off!!!

Its a known bug and is only meant to crash grinding purples I believe, last I checked grinding 3 purples normally meant insta-crash and moonstone grinding 3 purples worked fine, this is on ps3 for me though

Thanks. What is confusing and irritating to me is that this is a new thing–it started a few days ago. It wasn’t a problem until–presumably–they fixed something with the update/hotfix. Also weird and annoying is that it’s intermittent. I was able to grind a few purples today without problems.