Grinder resipes luck cannon

I want to know is there away to get the luck cannon from the grinder ? if so what will I need to grind to get one please

I’ve gotten it from the grinder. Two ways to grind it –

  1. three orange pistols or
  2. two orange weapons, any type plus 1 purple pistol.

Recipe #2 above might yield a purple or orange pistol but if you moonstone grind them it’s guaranteed legendary pistol. Good luck!

I thought the new DLC weapons with Lunashine were impossible.

Not true??

New orange legendaries – like the Luck Cannon – go by the old formulas. Glitch weapons are what are different.

Farming Ultimate Badass Trojans isn’t hard anyway.

I tried option 2 did not get a moonstone grind option and kept on giving me a purple pistol again

I will try your option Thursday night when the last update comes out (I hope it is going to be a fantastic one )

thank you all for your reply,s