Grinder - sometimes can't grind 3 legendary oz kits?

Wondering why it is that sometimes, I can put in 3 legendary oz kits to get a new random legendary combine.

But sometimes, the grind function is greyed out, like it’s telling me I can’t do that recipe - but I know 3 legendary oz kits works. It’s just sometimes it won’t take the input.

Anyone know why this may be?

Only thing that comes to mind is that one of the oz kits was an Arctic Relay that I got as mission reward. Other two were found or produced by grinder. It would be odd if mission items can’t work because I know for sure other mission items do - e.g. I’ve combined blue mission items with normal blues.

The support relay is actually a blue unique even though it’s displayed as legendary

The things you learn. Thanks for the answer. Was really confusing why I couldn’t do the combo and I guess it came up for me couple times now because I always do that mission to get the Artic Relay and eventually try to use it in a grinder recipe.

Check out the Colour coded Grinder Recipes post/thread - lots of related information in there!

Edit: Here it is:

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That Support Relay thing has always bothered me.

“Hey, look, here’s a long, annoying, multi-part, time consuming mission…,BUT…you get a guaranteed piece of Orange gear for it!”

What they DON’T tell you is that it’s really not that great, and the thing that could really make it shine, its shared bonus between players, rarely happens either because so few people actually use it.

ALSO - you cant even use it to grind for something better, because the game sees it is a unique blue!


Very similiar to how you originally couldn’t grind the Excalibastard.

At least the Excalibastard is a kick ass gun!

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