Grinder stupidity

i got addicted with the grinder and ground all of my weapons. So I now won’t use the grinder but there is a problem and that is that i lost all of my guns and so i now only have lv. 30 weapons. i am lv. 39 can any one help me please?
My games’ tag is xXxEPICxDIETZxXx

  1. Grab SHiFT codes from the thread in the TPS:News section
  2. Redeem keys and spend like a wild thing!
  3. Vending machine contents should be close to your level

Not sure I actually have any level 39 weapons since all my characters hit at least 50 a while back. If you’re really stuck, I can help you kill things at your level until you have some grinder fodder!

ok thanks its just i used most of the 5 3 and 20 shift codes but ill se

If you don’t have anything and need help to find some more level appropriate gear, just let me know.

message me on xbox

OK. Look for a FR from Alkymist96

Edit: The system won’t let me enter the GT you posted for some reason - seems it’s too long? Send something to mine, and I’ll reply.

He’s in my list, it’s XxEPICxDIETZxX

Ah, too many x’s Will add…

Edit: Hey @raydietznew - just checked and I do have some spare gear from about level 35 all the way up to 50. I sent a FR (Alkymist96) so, if you want it, let me know! I’m on now (11:00 Eastern daylight) for a few hours, and will likely be so on and off throughout the day up to about 9:00 pm.