Grinder System for Gear

Anybody else wish there was a way to fix Lootpack gear to be maxed roll?

Since some of the Legendary gear from packs is VERY rare it really is a kick in the nuts to have it be awfully rolled with crappy stats. I wouldn’t mind having to feed credits or same-faction/type gear into a Grinder to fix it. :<


Heck I’d like to make my epic shard gen max roll

Here’s the interview regarding crafting:

Thanks (again) to @MentalMars

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The interview is referring to in-game crafting like most MOBAs have. I believe this post is about getting an item like lore completion legendaries that aren’t max and make them max stat.

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Would be extremely helpful. Especially since you can only get the legendaries from lore once

I think something cool would be able to go after another set of lores that are a very hard versions, closer to what they originally had and then some, to get a maxed rolled version. Also, a title "The True Master of " would be awesome.

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For some characters that would be fine. But I would never try to grind Alani lore again… stupid lifeguards

Lore Legendaries are already fixed stats. You get the max roll each and every time. I was referring to modding Lootpack loot to have the max stats.

Mine aren’t max stats.

Well, the Lore Legendaries Maximum Stats aren’t as high as other legendaries.

For some bizarre reason.

Well thats dumb if true. I don’t play with legendaries anyways so I really just want better blues

It is. But at least now they have set stats and not random ones like they used to.
I just never understood why the set stats are average.