Grinder Theories

So, I’ve been doing a lot, a lot of farming and grinding lately. Just spit-balling here, but I have a few questions:

Are there specific recipes with purple and pink weapons you can use to get a specific weapon type in return? We know there is for blue, green and white. For example, if you grind 2 Blue SMGs and a random blue weapon, with moonstone, you will get back a purple SMG(luneshine is of chance). Minus the moonstones, does this formula work for pink or purple as well? There’s other recipes as well, another one, again all of same rarity: pistol + smg + shield = upgraded rarity shotgun.

In all my grinds, I am thinking that the grinder will treat any combo of purple or pink weapons as random and give you a random return, unless all 3 weapons are of the same gun type.

Are my thoughts correct?

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Answers to your questions can be found in the Grinder Recipes thread, specifically:

  1. DLC 2 Glitch Weapons

The glitch weapons are unique and can only be
grinded by themselves. They can’t be mixed so as to get a desired type
weapon. No matter what combination is used, they always generate a
Random Weapon. And they can’t be moonstoned.

So they will always behave like this: [ Any Gun 1 ] + [ Any Gun 2 ] + [ Any Gun 3 ] = [ RW ].



I understand, but the latest hot fix stated there were new grinder recipes for the DLC weapons added as well.

Was it referring to just DLC legendaries and not the glitched weapons?

I think what the May 19 game update meant, was that we can now use the “Pro Revolution” and the “Flayer SG” as Ingredients. We were not able to before. Haven’t noticed anything different other than that. Also, we can now get the “Pro Revolutions” from the grinder as well as shown below:

We still can’t moonstone grind DLC2 Legendaries with purples just like we can with Main Game Legendaries. Haven’t noticed anything different with the pink Glitch Weapons.

The only new Recipes I’ve tried that seem to work very consistently are for the “Pro Rev” and the “Flayer”, but you need at least one of each. These ingredients combination have worked well for me:
[ DLC2 Weapon ] + [ Pro Revolution ] + [ Purple VLADOF Anarchist ] Usually gives a new ~= [ Pro Revolution ]
The problem using this combination is that you need a Pro Rev to begin with.

And this combination seems to work well giving out a Flayer, but again, you need 2 Flayers to begin with:
[ Flayer #1 ] + [ Flayer #2 ] + [ Purple Jakobs SG ] Usually gives a new ~= [ Flayer SG ]

And the combination that seems to work best for me post May 19 getting new DLC2 Legendaries is this one. But it normally takes at least 10 tries to get one:
[ DLC2 Legendary Wpn ] + [ Main Game Legendary Wpn ] + [ Purple Desired Type Weapon ]

And the combination that seemed to work well in getting me a Flayer SG was this one:
[ DLC2 Legendary Gun ] + [ Striker SG ] + [ Any Purple COACH Gun SG ]
But since purple COACH Guns are hard to get, we can try any purple Jakobs SGs in the meantime.

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Is it possible to Grinder a Flayer using a vanilla Legendary, a Clappy DLC Legendary, and a Purple shotgun?

Yes, but this particular combination seemed to worked very well for me:
[ DLC2 Legendary ] + [ Striker SG ] + [ Any Purple Jakobs COACH Gun ].

But “Purple COACH Gun” SGs seem hard to get, so I guess you can try any “Jakobs purple SGs” in the meantime and see if that works.

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Yes, it’s completely random outside of two orange and the specific purple weapon type you are grinding.

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This combination it still working great for me post the May 19 update:
[ DLC2 Legendary Wpn ] + [ Main Game Legendary Wpn ] + [ Purple Desired Type Weapon ]

I just got 2 - Absolute Zeros, 1 - Longest Yard, and 1 - Laser Disker in less than 15 tries using purple Laser Guns.

I was using the grinder at Nexus.