Grinders - Pick Up Explosives Bug or Issue

Dear all - Long time Borderlander, first time post.

I’m trying to finish getting through TPS before I start BL3. I have a problem with the task, Grinders at the point of Pick Up Explosives. In taking out the boss, Ruddy (I think the name was) one of the explosives landed way outside the edge of the map. I can see it on the map but as soon as I try to run out and retrieve it, I can see laser sights aims at me with a warning bar in from of me. I can’t go back to an earlier save point and I can’t retriever the last explosive.

I’m on PC, is there any recourse?

Did you tried save&quit?

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Yes, I quit and restarted the game. It’s still way out there…

I don’t think I’ve ever seen one of the explosives land that far away before. What in the world did you hit Rudy with?

I’m also surprised that fully exiting the game and restarting didn’t relocate the item at all.

Depending on how far away from the warning barrier the explosive is you may be able to grab it before you die - there’s a bit of time before you get insta-gibbed. Do you have that speed skill - Blood Rush I think it is - specced? You might be able to make a quick lunge and hit ‘pick up all’.

Otherwise, you’ll unfortunately need to try and find someone who hasn’t done the mission in that mode yet and run through with them.

I hit him with a torque weapon. One of those shotguns that has exploding rounds… :dizzy_face: I was trying to stay two meters away :mask::joy:

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