Grinding a Flayer Help!

Ok im already on my 6th grindervattwmpt.

Before i go wasting 3-4 hours using the wrong materials like I did on Friday night, here is my recipe

Level 34 Zim
Level 34 Cheat Code
Level 34 Purple Hyperion Shotty

It is not giving me a Moonstone grind option and i am getting Purples out half the time.

Using nexus grinder.

I’m starting to think it has to do with mixing a DLC and non DLC legendary; when I go to grind my Flakker, my Zim, and a Purple shotty, i get the Moonstone option.

No that’s how the grinder should be… Moonstone option for 2 vanilla legendaries and a purple… No moonstone option if one or two dlc legendaries are used in the recipe

Ok, that’s cool.

So using a DLC legendary WILL allow DLC legendaries to be ground?

It’s just a matter of time and luck?

Sheesh, this game is REALLY making me work for this gun!

Also, does that mean you can never get Luneshine DLC legendaries?

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Yes sir unless you gibb it… No dlc weapon can come in luneshine… That’s the crappy part of the DLC… Though I’ve heard that ultimate badass virus can drop them but I haven’t seen it lol

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That’s really weird / disappointing.

I wonder why they set it up that way?

I got mine from the Concordia grinder, I switched becuase the Nexus was giving too many purples. Thunderfire + Longest Yard + purple torgue shotgun = Texas Flayer (recipe I used)

Does the game treat the cheat code as a legendary or is it like the support relay? This could also be the problem if the game thinks it’s a unique weapon.

From my experience, a very very very nice tip:

DON’T use the Nexus grinder. In my experience, the Nexus grinder gives me bad items.

Oh, and, yeah, the new DLC items can’t come in Luneshine. Probably because you have glitch.

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Just saw a Fire Sledge’s Shotgun - cool !

( on to next attempt!)

I’m boooooooored of this…

try hunting the gun in mutator arena of racist hotdog and birthday cat they can give that too atleast that not boring + you get exp too Note: must use the most difficult setting to get legendaries and glitch easily

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I gave up after two hours.

Too many awesome other guns to try out from my recent adventures to waste time i could be spending mobbing and farming during this last little bit of the increased drop rate period!