Grinding Excalibastard

Hi everbody,
I have one Question for the Grinder. I have tried grinding the Excalibastard, with 2 Legendary Lasers( Cat o Nine+ZX1+ Purple Laser Splitter) with Moonstones for Hours. I know it’s confirmed as a possible Grind, but After 35 Grinds, only See over and Over Again Min Min, Cat o Nine and ZX 1 Nothing Else . I can Imagine that somebody tried grinding Purpels Weapons and get it, but I Do it only with Legendary (also tried Fragnum, Shrediefer and Purple Laser with Moonstoones for a guarented Legendary) Please let me know if you grinded the Same way before i waste my time by grinding it this Way. Thanks in Advance for your Help!

You can’t grind the excalibastard

Thanks for your Auswertung!

yeah yu can get the exclib. only over your badass ranking…


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Is it still impossible to get one legit with Luneshine?