Grinding experience/guardian levels?

I’m trying to grind guardian levels, and not sure what I’m missing here. I’m on the xbox, doing offline mode in mayhem 3, and getting around 240K experience per graveward kill (i can generally kill him in about 30 seconds). That being said, it still takes me a little more than 2 kills to gain a guardian level/rank. I’m at around level 200 GR right now.

Looking at some comments online, it looks like people are gaining levels a lot quicker than this. Am I missing anything here?

Higher level more xp is needed.


It gets really slow the higher your Guardian level gets. By ~270 it was taking me around 4-5 offline Graveward kills per Guardian level.

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ahhh, that makes sense. thanks!

Slaughter shafts on Mayhem 3 are what you need to do offline…you’ll get 5 levels a run. Unfortunately the only way I was able to reach this GR lvl was to spend nearly 500 hours in SS M3 in offline mode…it works but it takes A LOT of time…

thanks for the tip! Honestly, with my fl4k crit build, I can’t stay alive and kill enemies efficiently in the slaughter shaft. I’ve tried.

I think for me, graveward is the way to go as I can kill him anywhere between 10-30 seconds, based on the mayhem modifiers. This grants me a little more than a million experience in less than 10 minutes (after resets). I’ll just hit GR 225 and call it quits after I get the bonuses. The law of diminishing returns dictates me to stop here. That and I’m a father of 2 young children so just going for a “dad build.” =D I just don’t have the time to grind anymore like the good old days


I wish I knew a better way! The only way I know is time…offline or online…it’s just a bunch of game time…I wish you the best!

The main question is, why farming Guardian Ranks? Most HC players will turn them off once this option will be available.

Well, I like buffing my characters and everything is about efficiency now as I’m a dad and going for a dad build =D. not a HC player anymore and will take anything I can get haha