Grinding flayer

I’m trying to grind a flayer.

  1. Is it possible to get one from the grinder ( 2 legendaries and a purple shotgun)

  2. Do you have to moonstone grind or not?

You need at least one legendary from Claptastic Voyage and you can’t use Moonstones.

Thanks :slight_smile: is the omni cannon a DLC weapon?

Yes, you can use it.

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My recollection is that you also have to grind it at the grinder in Nexus. I do not believe the grinder in Concordia will produce the Flayer. You can double check my facts on that point though.

You can use Grinder in Corcordia, both of them are exactly the same.


Yeah, I was just doing a little research on that. You are correct. My bad.

To the OP, good luck and be patient! Grinding a Jakobs grip Doc’s Flayer can be a nightmare. It took me hours and hours. Sort of like farming a Rustler’s Orphan Maker!

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