Grinding for a Flayer

Ok so I have been at this for about 4 days now, and I haven’t been able to grind a Flayer. Not even 1… Ive been using a Thunderfire with a Luck Cannon and a purple Jakobs shotty as the recipe and nothing. All I get is junk. Someone please tell me I am doing something wrong so that I can at least fix it and hopefully grind a Flayer. I am on Xbox One with the Handsome Collection. I have no idea why this isnt working because I am using 2 DLC2 legendary’s as the ingrediants so wtf…

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The specific item you get from the grinder is random. There are no magic recipes that skew the RNG towards a Flayer (for example) despite what you may have read elsewhere. For every post saying “use these ingredients” you’ll find enough saying “doesn’t work” to confirm that. As long as you’re using the right weapon types and rarities, you have a chance. You could try posting in the relevant trade section just in case someone else got lucky and has a spare:


You can’t use moonstone if you grind for it that way. As since the dlc legendaries can’t spawn with luneshine ever, the game takes them out of the potential drop table for those kinds of grinds.

Good to know, although I don’t think the OP was using moonstone? Rate of legendaries for an orange-orange-purple mix isn’t too bad.

No moonstone as it was DLC2 legendaries. I am just flustered because I know you can grind it, my worry is that Gearbox nerfed the drop rate of the Flayer in the grinder now making it rare to see. Which makes no sense because if I am throwing away two legendaries and a purple just to get one gun back, why shouldn’t I be allowed to get it… 5 days I’ve been at it mostly because my personality wont let me stop til I get it…

Nope. Did not happen. Just RNG, which means some players will successfully grind more Flayers than others. That’s just how random rolls…


Seriously though, do some other stuff for a bit and come back. Random is random, as we’re wont to say around here, so continuously trying for the same thing is no more and no less likely to yield better results than doing, say, 30 minutes a day.

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Better safe than sorry. It’s easy to forget a detail like that in a4 year old game, so i thought I’d mention it.

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Yeah you’re probably righ man thanks :confused: hopefully my luck will turn around