Grinding for blue?

Not many people know that in BL games, there are a lot of unique named blue weapons on par with legendary weapons.

My conundrum is, does the higher drop rate of E and L weapons in mayhem decrease my chance of getting the specific rare blue I’m looking for?

For clarification, I’m grinding Ice Queen from Aurelia and it is one of the hardest solo fights Ive encountered on m4 so far (aside from Blacksite), and, if I can get what I want without modifiers, I’d really much prefer do that

I can’t really confirm it myself but I’ve seen a lot of people and a couple youtube videos claim that “dedicated drops”, like the Aurelia specific loot you’re talking about, is in a separate pool and drops totally separately from the “world drop” pool. Only the world drop pool is affected by +Loot% bonuses. The dedicated drop pool is apparently not affected by +Loot% bonuses, which means mayhem would have no effect. Because of this, many people have been recommending farming dedicated drops in normal or M1.

Once again, I can neither confirm nor deny, and I can’t find the youtube video among the many threads here. But a lot of people have been repeating this info. Make of that what you will.

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There may, emphasis on may, be a chance unique blues can be found in world drops. I say this because after farming Graveward for a while, I randomly found a unique blue Jakobs sniper in my inventory, and I know I didn’t get it from a side quest. I’m sure I would noticed it as it has no scope, and I probably picked it up randomly because I just pick up everything he drops just to sell. So, you might find it from another source.

As for if Mayhem affects blue drop rates, I dont think so, because I still get a ton of blues, and even greens and whites at M3.

Ah yes, the Hunt(er)(ed). One is world drop one is from a boomtown quest. Previously known as the elephant gun in BL2 1&2. The highest raw dmg Jakobs snipers in the series, always iron sights, and the new bonus to creature/ robots dmg in this game is world ending with the classmod that makes all bosses all types.

I’m definitely going to take another look at that gun, the elephant gun was pretty cool in bl1. Didn’t get it in 2 though.

Hands down my favorite Jakob’s from the entire series, with Maggie being the only competition. Might be worth mentioning its a FL4K classmod that give the boss type bonus.

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