Grinding in Game

Grinder is likely here to stay in one form or another so may I just suggest a different idea for a grinder in future games. I like to in some way and keep the rewards in-game rather than returning to your base camp and sitting in front of a grinder like we are playing the slots. Maybe instead we could have special chests somewhat like we had in Dragon Keep where it costs moonstones (or whatever) to play but additionally you can select three items from your backpack that you wish to sacrifice in crafting into a better gun. When you open the chest you get the same result as using the grinder back in sanctuary but you are still in the game. Just a thought.

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How about it just plain can’t make legendaries. Make it only be able to make up to purple rarity. Make it just something you do to see if you get something good while levelling.

You sure have a a buzzaxe to “grind” with the grinder!

So, basically have the grinder in another location?

Don’t see how that’s too different from what we have now. We’d just have to fast travel to a different spot, or camp in front of these chests to grind instead of concordia.

It would certainly make grinder dashboarding problematic.

Yep. Make it a challenge to get to and then the challenge is more rewarding. Dashboarding the grinder just feels like cheating the system and it’s sad that this is possible.


Dashboarding ANYTHING, while useful, is tedious.

So much waiting.

I remember dash boarding for my TVHM Cryo Booganella with Aurelia.

Literally took me 4 hours.

Load in Outlands Canyon.

Hop to Pickles.

Turn in.

Be disappointed.



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Pfft. Imagine how I feel Dashboard farming Hails for Gaige. MUST have Ferocious or Rabid prefix, MUST have Jakobs, Torgue, or Vladof grip, MUST be either Fire or Corrosive. You were only going for one element, I’m going for 3 specifics.

Meanwhile, I’m also farming the Hammerlock Seraph vendor for perfect Lead Storms: MUST be Ferocious prefix, MUST have Vladof grip, MUST have Dahl stock, MUST be either fire or corrosive. It’s been weeks of off and on farming of these things and haven’t gotten 1 perfect one yet… And i’m getting two of them. No dashboard is even required, just save and quit…

So much farming…

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There was that altar at the dragon tower final area in TTAoDK (can’t remember its name), that swallowed guns and gave rewards in exchange. Several of those scattered around the game would be cool, maybe each “altar” has different dispositions, some spawn badasses with good loot drops, some like spewing hyperion and jakobs guns etc. Anyone remember those talking doors from Fable? Each required a different challenge to open.
But a grinder, or something like it, in the home base will probably be a given in any future BL game. Or they could just throw their hands up and have a grinder right in the inventory, or accessible at new-u stations.

My suggestion would be that you can at least pick 3 of your preferred manufacturers at the cost of extra black market currency. They already know most of us will keep trying until we get the specific item we are after. At least make it a little easier.