Grinding Legendary Grenades?

Need some recipes, please guys.

Also, i havent used many of them; what are the best (and worst) legendary grenade mods in TPS?

Stormfront is good for stripping shields and damaging enemies. Four seasons is fun to toy with.

I’m my opinion the best are

Fire bee

And the worst are

Four seasons

Ok, so…how to get them from the grinder?

homing quasar is a great grenade

What class? Each class has a different best grenade. Most Top Gear threads cover that. But to make things short:

Good for all classes: Longbow Cryo Transfusion / Longbow Cryo / Longbow Quasar / Longbow Shock Leech
Individual classes:

  • Nisha: Longbow Bonus Package
  • Claptrap: Longbow Bonus Package, Longbow Pandemic
  • Athena: Longbow Stormfront
  • Jack: Longbow Quasar

How to get the purples: loot from chests, bosses, buy from vendors
How to get the legendaries: grind 3 legendary grenades, loot from chests and corresponding bosses, buy from vendors.


I love the grinder, but the whole “trade 3 oranges in for 1” thing annoys me so much.

Especially since killing Iwa at anything less than level cap will get you way overleveled, fast.

(well, not so much in UVHM)

Three purples for a chance at legendary, same as always.

Best: Quasar
Worst: Bouncing Bozza

Most fun: Fire Bee and Bonus Package

I actually once traded 3 purple COMs, and used moonstone.

Guess what I got?

Purple luneshine rocket launcher. Rofl. Was trying to get a Chronicler of Elpis. Then said screw it and did the Holodome.

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