Grinding the luck cannon

does anyone know if u can grind the luck cannon or if its a drop from a boss.
or where i can farm for it ? thanks in advance

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Since you don’t seem to be able to moonstone grind the new legendaries, I have a feeling you can’t get them from the grinder either. I had mine drop from a random flying enemy (.bat I think they’re called?) so I’m not sure where you might reliably farm for one, sorry.

i got my also while the bossfight from a random enemy. a lot of players got it from there, so u should fight the boss, not try to kill him just kill all the minions, someone will drop it hopefully :wink:

I think I got a Laser Disker from the grinder in Concordia, so hopefully that’s a sign they can be grinded (ground?).

in a video by joltzdude139 he said he used the grinder to get the new vladof pistol so I assume you can get the new legendaries with it

mmm… he said that indeed so ty ill keep trying tyvm

Awesome, that’s good to know.

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Hah I’ve been recording clips of my legendary drops on Xbox One. I just checked the clip for the Luck Cannon to see what dropped it. It was an Adbot.

where do i find these bots ?

You can totally grind it. You need a 2 (plus purple pistol) or 3 legendary from the DLC.


ty man im gonna farm the earworm i think for the long yard he dies easy ;p

so can i use 2 long yards and a purple to grind it becaus i have 2 thingy’s but it doesn’t seem to work

So they replaced the Unforgiven with the Luck Cannon? I may have to try this out one day.

I think so. I used 2 absolute zeros and a thunder fire(drop from despair)
I tried grinding main game legendaries and had no luck. It’s random so just dashboard out until you get a luck cannon. Or I can trade it to you if ur on xbox 360. GT: angotti81

i am on pc but ty for help

Sure… Except the luck cannon isn’t awful and has uses

The Unforgiven was useful, but just like most Jakobs equipment in BL2 it required some elbow grease to get it to shine.

this just takes a pull of the trigger! it’s effect happens more often at a distance so I have been using singularities to keep enemies away. REALLY helps on fights like sponx and self-loathing and such where they have a decent amount of health but can still be affected by such things.

You can get it from the grinder, as long as at least one of the new legendarys or the Exalibastard for some reason goes in. Unfortunately you cant moonstone grind them, so you are going to get a lot of purples out.