Grinding the new legendarys

does anyone have a recipes for the new legendarys i can’t seem to grind them

Seems like you have to use two legendaries from the DLC and a purple of the type you want, OR 3 legendaries from the DLC.

Does it matter what grinder you use?

i just tried grinding the 3 proletarian revolutions and it wouldnt let me, 3 cheat codes gave me a hellfire… at the nexus grinder. i will try 2 and a purple and see what happens.

@B0SS_ZOmbie can you confirm the recipe for grinding new legendaries?

I haven’t actually tried it myself. I was just posting what I’d seen reported.

so far… and trust me ive done some grinding . but I don’t think that there is a “recipe” for the new stuff ,I do believe that grinding “new” guns give a increased chance for all the dlc guns, but its not a guarantee . ive grinded tons of old never getting a new one , but adding the new ones to the pile and get berrigans and others …and occasionally get a old one …so … yeah, but that’s just my opinion

well like i said above 3 cheat codes gave me a hellfire and couldnt grind 3 proletarian revolutions, those are the only ones ive tried. so i just got unlucky with the hellfire?

Was it a ‘glitched’ Hellfire? Here’s something I just posted in another thread –

I ground a bunch of glitched guns – they sort of act like purples, in
that (1) they seem to be variations of purple guns and (2) grinding
three will give another glitched gun. However – the two [non-DLC] orange + one
‘glitched purple’ doesn’t work (invalid grind) and, no way (that I’ve
seen) to get particular types of guns (pistol, shottie, etc.): put in
three of any type and get out a random gun in any of the classes (rocket
launcher, sniper, shottie, pistol, laser). For instance, I put in
three pistols (in hopes of a pistol) but got something besides a pistol.

nah just a regular hellfire

What I would like to know: Can you get DLC guns out of the grinder at all? Like the Berrigan or the new ones?

yeah man, ive done alot of grinding and gotten a laser disker, kanedas laser, thunderfire, flayer and that scav ar forgot its name.

like the others said, 3 dlc legendaries or 2 dlc legendaries and a purple of the type you want. its best to dashboard farm because chances are you wont get what you want. like when i was trying to grind the flayer i got 4 strikers before i finally got it :stuck_out_tongue:

I can confirm with the proletarians not being able to be used in the grinder. Have tried lots of combinations and if it involves a proletarian it cannot be ground. And I have gotten plenty of the new dlc legendarys from the grinder. It seems to me that they appear more often now then the original weapons (getting tired of seeing all these cheat codes)