Grog Nozzle please :)

I don’t use it. My Maya uses a Hail for the few times I need the extra healing and Krieg doesn’t need one. I used one with a FotFH once and said never again; talk about a boring playthrough.


I also don’t use it. Never used it outside of the mission and never left the mission open to keep it. I don’t like it, I don’t want it, I don’t need it. There are other Moxxi and/or Slag guns that I like better and that suit my needs just fine.


Simple, right? That lets everyone enjoy the game the way they want. Nerfs, especially this late in the game’s life, are not necessary, or fair. Everyone is used to the rules as they stand, and pulling the rug out from under any player’s feet is a penile move.

This is a longstanding debate, and I’m not a noob. I understand both sides of the argument. I’m standing on my side of it. The game gets brutally hard, and some of us want this kind of leg up, particularly solo.

So am I, no different than you.

I’m not calling for a nerf, I just said I WISH there was one.

Or rather, I wish it was nerfed long ago so that people would not have gotten used to using it as a crutch so much.

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Sorry late to the discussion…
I’m not asking for it to be removed, it’s broken in design but so is UVHM OP8 :smile:
Health gating is the only thing keeping people alive at that level which is something fundamental about the game, too late to be changed indeed. But we have Dark Souls for other stuff, this game rocks in other ways.

What I am asking is make it droppable or a quest reward. If possible. If developers don’t agree np, still a great game :smile:

I agree with you completely about that. Just wanted to clarify.

I’ve responded on this before in another thread, but my suggestion would have been to make it available only during the area you get the mission- leave the area and it disappears, return and it comes back. Something to keep in mind for BL3 I’d reckon…


I don’t use it chucky, my Hellfire is my Grog Nozzle :smiley:

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My opinion is (and it is just my opinion) that the GN was designed just for that mission and as a joke.
If you remind it well, the Grog’s goal is to drunk dwarves, nothing more.
I guess the devs who designed it, made it the funniest way, with low base damage (unneeded for the mission), hidden extra crit damage (unneeded too), high Slag chance (unneeded too) and high health regen (as others, unneeded). They probably added the “drunk effect” as a hidden joke too.
Just to make it very fun to use for the mission.
I don’t think they had in mind all the combo possible to exploit game mechanics with.
Keeping the mission active to keep a random Grog Noozle is fair enough.
IMO, making it available for the Loot Hunt was a mistake.
And furthermore, to make it a Quest Reward or an available Loot (whatever the boss’s lootpool) might be the biggest mistake ever…


What’s ur gamer tag, I have a grog I can give to you no charge.

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Ranma is on Steam, not XBox Live:

The Grog is a critical piece for the end game and for some characters it would completely suck without it or if it was nerfed heavily.

Yes I can help both people that asked that play on xbox ( I have both 36p, one). I will be on later tonight.

Do you have any bladed ones?

I agree, and never use the ones I have. That’s why I’m willing to give them away. Personally like the bitch or sandhawk with the bee. That’s what I use 90% of time. I know opinions are very divided on the bee as well.

I will check when I get on. Gt ItsMrDeath2You.

I suspect in BL3 we will see more options for healing ones self. The loot hunt release for the Grog seemed like mercy for everyone who didn’t finish the quest just to retain it.

I doubt we’ll see any Grog repeats in future releases.


hey was reading and was wondering if you still had that grog? just got into BL again and its frustrating not being able to get a melee grog

Yeah, sure. Unless @Adrion54 still wants it (since I offered him first)

I don’t know how important that is to you but it’s level 72, not OP8.

I’m sorry for not being as much ingame as I would, real life is complicated at the moment :confused:
Feel free to offer it to the first one who can join you ingame :sweat_smile: