Grog Nozzle PS 4

Hello Guys,
I have a little Problem with my Gear. :frowning:
But first sry for my bad english i hope you can umderstand this. :slight_smile:

I started this game after 2 years cause ot was my favorit game, but the Problem is i need the Weapon Grog Nozzle for my salvador and i have read at sites that i justcan get it from a 100k Loot hunt event, but this event is long time over, now i would try to find a player who already has this weapon with slag, amd would trade it. ;(

I can give too some items but i am atm just lvl 36 and i think no one needs here lvl 30 leg items.:frowning:

I hope i can find a player who has this weapon and play too borderlands 2 at ps 4 cuase this game isnt the newest but my favorite. :slight_smile:

Psn: Hazebuster_1996 i can add you to if someone write here. :slight_smile:
Sry again for my english, the most of my english i have learn in Games. ^^

You might struggle to get a Grog at that level from anyone, but you could use the Rubi? It’s fine for using in NVHM and TVHM, and you can get your own from the mission Rakkaholics Anonymous. Just an idea in case nobody has a low level one.

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I got already ruby but i got it with Fire effect after quest Finish.

And this grog can be any level so it can lvl 1+ ^^

It’s just unlikely that anyone has one anything lower than level 50, that’s all. I have a slag Rubi, level 20. You could have that if you wanted?


Ye lvl 50 is too good, cause i will play this game long time so lvl 50 grogg is really perfect. :slight_smile:

I really need your rubi, i just got with fire effect, i would be realöy greatful. :slight_smile:

Just write me at PSN if you can trade your Ruby lvl 20 Slag.
I try at this time to find a Grog Nozzle for lvl 50.

I added you on PSN.

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Tyy :slight_smile:

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Hey, I have a spare Lvl 50 Grog you can have.

PSN dogstar13


I have add you, ty so much. :smiley:

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No worries, happy to help

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Got it thank you so much :smiley:


and thank you too for Ruby Slag :slight_smile:

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To @Psychichazard why have you merged this into the Thou Shall Not Dupe thread?
There is no mention of duping on this post at all so I’m unsure why 8 days later you
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you were not, then you would have seen me give him the Grog, not dupe but give it

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Yes, thank you. As I couldn’t see that post I assumed I was been accused of duping!

Okay, that’s not the intention at all, it’s just how the forum software handles things! Sorry for any confusion.

No worries, thanks for clearing that up for me!!

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Hey man do you still happen to have grog?

I will trade you something for it.


Got one with the melee or firerate prefix for you. Will add you after work