Grog Nozzle Question

I missed out on the opportunity to get a permanent Grog Nozzle during the loot hunt for various reasons so, if I want one for my Gunzerker, it looks like I’ll have to do the permanent open mission thing. I just completed “Mines of Avarice” at level 68. My question is, is it worth waiting until level 72 to accept the relevant mission, or does it not make that much difference (since the primary reason for having one is slag/healing rather than DPS)?

I am pretty sure the gun levels with you anyway so there is no reason to not accept it ASAP but even if it wouldn’t it is as you say, not really important (and being drunk works well all the time).

@BlackHeartV is right, the mission items level with you (at least on UVHM). So you’re set for any level and for the rest of the playthrough (meaning no progress resets via main menu) by having the quest accepted on any level. I am using a level 50 Grog Nozzle on one of my OP8 Zerkers (it was the only one with a Maliwan Grip) and it works perfectly, so no worries even if against all odds your gun stays on level 68, damage-wise.

Mission weapons lvl with you. And even if it didn’t it wouldn’t matter at all. The grog doesn’t do damage and the other stats are passives or constant.

I usually just go get the mission as soon as possible.

Thanks all! Will pick it up ASAP.

Basically leave it in a weapon slot and play with the other three weapons, only pulling the GN to slag… right??

Sorry for the noob question.

Correct, although I don’t know if the person you replied to is going to answer after 4 years!

Locking thread to prevent further necromancy… :ghost:

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