Grogg Nozzle questions

Can you do the “give” on this weapon and then be able to keep it even after completing the quest?

No. You’ll need to get your hands on an original 100k loot hunt version. Also we don’t Say dupe around these parts sir.

Hmm. I figured you would be able to and give it to a friend. Anyways, why don’t you say that?

Its against forum rules,Gearbox considers it cheating


Good to know

I moved a post to an existing topic: Thou shalt not dupe

llol flagging my post

its enevitable

You really should read the rules. This is Gearboxs forum. You agreed to follow their rules when you joined. So discussing why duping is good and why people do it is not acceptable. Dont promote it here. Period.

i see where youre coming

it has been 3 years since this game has came out

why havent they patched the duplication glitch yet?

The hell is up your ass?

Dude not cool,she’s a Moderator,it’s her job


lol nice one

well then shes not doing too well

Why don’t you atleast try to show some manners and respect or take it somewhere else


Her job to moderate, not be such an ass about it.

Yeah but you can make your point and express your opinion without being rude can you not?

I flipped a coin and it landed on tails, not my fault fate wanted me to be a dick about it.

If you have an issue with my moderation, feel free to PM Jeff or Joe about it. There is nothing that says you cant complain about my actions.
However, i was just stating that the discussion of duping is simply not to be had here, as I tell people everyday. And the majority of those I talk to about it understand after I let them know the rules and are overall respectful. Unlike some of the comments here.

Im now locking this thread. Not because the original post had asked about duping at first, in fact, I saw he changed it so I left him alone. But because others had to continue on about duping and why its good. And then proceeded to turn this into a debate about moderation with unnecessary remarks. Report mod issues to the admins. Not publically.