Gromkylok(the orc) journeys through skoomarim

My journey through a modded game of skyrim. Ask if you’d like a mod list.

Gromyklok the orc lived alone in the mountains South of dawnstar. He set out on the journey to Whiterun so he could meet with his skooma dealer, but things went terribly wrong.

My house mod for this(snow den estate)

As he was making the journey he was captured and nearly killed, but the puny imperials could never kill a master archer such as him. A dragon probably could have, but he escaped then mere hours later killed one. Apparently he’s a dragonborn, so he sought out the greybeards. On his way he witnessed a battle

The dead resupplied his arrow stash and he countined on his way. Hunting and tracking any prey he could find. Giants might be big, but they can’t hit what they can’t see


After obtaining the dragonstone gromkylok found a huge stash of elemental arrows(fire, frost, lightning being standard skyrim stuff. Earth which does health and stamina damage, wind which flys faster and staggers, and water that does AoE damage and lowers enemy shock resist) there were 2 or 3 other types if i decide to go back

Everything was easy pickings until i went to retrieve the horn for the grey beards, then i found an army of trolls and there king(had a picture, but it was way to blurry)

The kings armor set and jewelry gave him a whopping 350 extra stamina and his bow nearly one shot me due to my archery mod. I decided just to display the set in my house. His corpse had 20k gold on it

Nice view on my way to riften. I joined the thiefs guild and did some apparently big jobs, but i found them easy. Been using my training levels on pickpocket

Just hit level 18 inside of a vampire lair on the way to solitude

Lvl 27 progress has been made
good view, i may buy a house here one day

met a madman, whose staff can turn people into cheese. Cannibalism takes many forums apparently

finished the thieves guild questline(forgot a pic of the shelves that hold the unique loot)
Tried to marry karliah, even with my mod i couldn’t. Also tried combining 2 mods to marry an npc nocturnal and couldn’t

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also went to prison and showed them what an orc really is

killed an old man for a dadric prince

this kid has no idea what he just unleashed on this land, but i killed an old lady for him

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Currently inside of the dark brotherhood sanctuary about to unleash chaos, jobs will be easy with my shadow cloak of nocturnal and a crossbow. Gromkylok has not forgotten how to hunt, every trip into the wild nets him many kills and a full belly.