Ground slam suggestion

There are so many slam bonuses on artifacts, but it’s so impractical to use in practice. How about you add a low or no damage rocket launcher that gives you a boost and let’s you do it?

So… a rocket launcher that you point at the ground… and it sends you in the air… so you can proceed to melee attack the ground?

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Sounds like something from an old Ratchet & Clank game, haha. Now, would it consume rockets like normal? It sounds crazy, but this is Borderlands though. Maybe they’ll release more maps featuring lower gravity so they can be better used, but until then, I wish there were more artifacts that seemed… useful. The most I found was one that increased fire damage by 50% for Moze.

Spending a weapon slot for that launcher sounds impractical. Switching the weapon only for that sounds impractical as well unless Slam has a huge incentive.

I think Double Jump can do that trick. Press jump key two times and crouch. Fast, no weapon switch, intuitive.

A really under-utilised mechanic in Borderlands 3. I would like to use it more, maybe in DLC?

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It could be fun in a gimmicky sort of way, maybe good for getting to high ground and hard to reach places.

But yes, some sort of double jump feature, maybe it being an affect from an artifact for synergy.

Slam artifact also adds double jump. problem solved


Rocket Jump, yeah. I won’t mainly do that for slamming but good to have it as an option. Increased Slam damage from higher altitude might work as an incentive.

Hopefully we will get these all at some point. Pipe dream.

Would be better to rework the whole mechanic so it becomes a reliable tool rather then an exception. As it stands right now I dont even THINK about using slam because the conditions coming together for one to work are so extreme that its like a lunar eclipse…or I go out of my way to set up situations in order to use it…I could clear the whole room in a fraction of the time but sure…


It seems excessive to dedicate another item slot for just one mechanic. Low gravity aside, the reason why slam worked well in TPS was because it was practical and not a hindrance in combat. You can actually slam your character immediately after jumping and your character didn’t even need to be that high in the air. It was useful to drop down a level of platform quickly and continue moving. When I try to do this in BL3, my character is locked in animation. This breaks the flow of combat. So my suggestion is that they lower the height required to activate slam and speed up the animation. TPS’s slam was smooth. BL3’s is not.

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i prefer to slam when there are no enemies around. it is just more fun to slam down into those boss arenas…which always seem to have a ledge right before them.

come to think of it…thats pretty much the ONLY times I use slam myself because simply falling isnt quick enough hahaha

I’ve seen this in a game before but I’m rakk’ing (hahaha) my brain to remember which one it was!!!

Maybe instead of just an update to slam, they could also make a very minor update to melee in general. Like, maybe if you charge a melee attack, you do 25-50% more damage, but you can’t move as you do it. I say this because it seems odd to even be able to jump up in the air on a normal planetary body, and slam down to try to damage enemies. In TPS, at least their was an Oz kit that kind of made a reason why you’d slam down so fast, but those seem like they’re not coming back (even they it could be cool to see them as a requirement to explore some planets or in space, maybe forced to be placed in artifact slot, though some wouldn’t like that as they’d be forced to adapt to that.)

The immersion factor did cross my mind, but it’s something that doesn’t bother me. I just think that adding more mechanics to get one mechanic to work is unnecessary. It’s not a big deal, since I’m not required to use the slam mechanic.

You’re right, it was just something that crossed my mind as I plag as Moze, and watching her just stab the ground with a knife for her slam attack, all I thought was “wtf is that supposed to do?”. But adding too many mechanics would just feel wasted as the focus is on gunplay, not melee. And to many cinematics, and suddenly this is a comic style Tom Clancy game.

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Yes, it’s very impractical to use in most combat situations.

+1 for this. Seems like an easy solution.


I only use it to do superhero landings into boss arenas. It demoralizes the boss and makes the fight easier.

+1 from me too