Groundbreaker + Fish Slap + Ties That Bind

Had this idea when I heard about the new melee guardian perk and… yeah.


Very interesting. Looks like pure overkill.

Note that I’m not using optimised gear at all, just some stuff I found in the safe. Also no optimised build, just some stuff thrown together to give it a try.

I’m guessing the new guardian perk is playing into it with the melee damage transmitted through the TTB link, which counts as action skill damage, building up the numbers for the next fish slap or face-punch shot?

I’m looking to try a face punch / fish slap build with a brawler ward and white elephant artifact of some kind, but outside of using an action skill as you did I’m not seeing a great way to build up non-melee damage.

Skill tree somewhere in this neighborhood:
Sucks to lose tempest but the green capstone and jab cross together may be adding more … haven’t run the damage formula or tested it yet. This setup obviously also needs to build up damage through a means other than TTB, and would probably get more out of face puncher than fish slap. I’m also not sure if Blitz really is a fit, and haven’t looked into how it works exactly.

I think you could use either phasezerker or spiritual driver. Sustain via knife drain maybe.

I use a spark plug + black hole 250 health + ttb and the enemies are like insta killed, I am not sure if this is normal but whatever I ll enjoy it while it lasts :rofl:

Yeah, TTB with Mayhem-upscaled damage does a ton of damage to all linked enemies (for every enemy hit by the grenade) and then like a billion damage is added on the next grenade. I saw this cycle of doom coming but it’s even worse than I expected. I didn’t expect that it’d kill everything even on the first hit, before building up any damage for the first grenade. Let alone on True GTD.

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We found out that ties that bind is not working as intended, so we reduced the level of fish slap further - gbox


I hope not …

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legit GBX logic there

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