Group\Hero secret areas

When I played phantasy star online there were some areas where you needed more than one player to access. IE a door that doesn’t move I less two player are on pass, but has nothing to do with the story. Think this might be cool, or make special areas you need a certain hero get through, or solo challengers in theses areas. IE there’s a spot in the mission where rath has to fight alone and kill a number of enemies in a set amount of time. Team gets a gear pack. Thoughts?


There are two hidden rooms in The Void’s Edge, one to the far right of the first main area (Where you fight the sub-boss) and one to the left of the second (Where you must destroy the large shard for the Wolf Sentry to proceed)
The first requires two players to stand on adjacent pressure plates simultaneously, the second has two timed plates like those you stand on to activate the gas chambers when fighting Geoff A.K.A. Arachnis which can both be activated by one player.
A large red chest moves between the two which always contains bonus points, an extra life, a level up, and a piece of gear or a gear pack.
There is another red chest which spawns randomly further along the map, I know of three places it can be but there could be more.

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ive seen 3 or 4 large chests in that map.
spots they can be:

  1. Locked door that requires 2 people.
  2. Locked door that 1 person could open
    3,4,5) is by any of the large shard locations in the ice caves.
  3. near the end of the same location as 3-5, there is a hill to the left that is kinda a pain to jump up to (easy to reach if u have benedict) there is sometimes a large chest up there.
  4. after the door is “hacked” open, reach the end of the castle area, (in the area where the robot yells “MOM!? DAD!? is that you?” there is a ledge to the left before you cross the bridge, sometimes a large chest spawns down there.

The YouTube for the spot will be out an hour after the game release

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Too true