Group of 2 looking for more on release!

Good morning future friends!

My buddy and I are looking for a few more to play with on release. We have a great time in PVP and PVE. He plays Oscar Mike and I play Orendi. We’re family guys so we tend to start playing around 8p to 8:30p Mountain and play for a few hours.

We tend to joke, drink beer and claim anyone killing us is OP and then snicker when we kill others. Good time hypocrisy! Anyway if you’re looking for some people to play regularly with shoot me an invite on PS4 MeatCndy and join us for awesomeness!

Sounds like a cool deal. I have a deal getting set up myself, maybe you’d like to join? I think it’d be fun!

I could occasionally do night time runs. Being that late makes it a bit easier.
PSN is Crimsonsurge, I also shall be playing Oscar Mike, or at least until I get the 5 matches with Montana thing that @salsacookies1 will be obliging me with lol.

Then it’s Galilea!

Got ya moved to the ps4 co-op category.

Have fun!

Thanks Kitty.

Okay will look for ya both, should be a good time!