Group support commands not working as they did in Original

I just got this game, and the guard command has been as best I can tell totally screwed up by the remastering guru’s.

I played the heck out of the original when it first cam out, and I would send my collectors to gather, and my resource controller to guard both.

This made the resource collector remain half way between both at all times,

Now in the remastered version the resource collector will only guard one harvester No matter what, and half the time the harvester the resource collector is guarding will just stop, and set there while the other collector continues to work.

The game looks better but the interface and control’s are totally F__ked Up!

In the asteroid collision mission I attempted to do what I always did,

Set all ships other than my bomber’s and fighters, and collectors to one group.

When I entered the mission no matter what I did I could not get my big ships to move down and to the right away from the collisions. Was a total disaster.

Those are just two things I have stumbled onto trying to play the re mastered version. Maybe I will find a way to fix or work around, but I have not yet!

Pretty alone does not make the game better. It was a strategy game, not a beauty pageant.

If anyone knows work around, That would be great. Support frigate’s don’t seem to work right either.