Group up for Woodsworn

Looking for group to get the woodsworn challenge lore done. I figure everyone has trouble making an all Eldrid team. So post here your platform, ID, and if/when you are available.

PS4 - Trigin15 - will be on more tomorrow to help others

Moved to the online play section.

PSN animal_ninja, I only play eldrid and have mastered miko

Added, hope we can grab a few more

PSN Devil_may_Cry376 still room for another one?

As people keep rolling in looking for the same thing just keep making new parties. I had to take a break.

The only challenge I need with him and begging randoms has failed lol feel free to hit me up on psn and on weekdays I can get four people technically.
Also need the benedict lore challenge

Looking for this as well. PSN: devastator_TTT2.

Feel free to add me and message me whenerer you guys want to get this done.

Me too, PSN: The-NVous_One

PSN Cronus_fire I’m willing to help if anybody needs it still. I still need it lol