Groups for op1-op8 Xbox one

Need people for op1-op8

im op3 siren but do not have op gear yet. i can come gt SickMunkey

Hey I’m a 72 gunzerker no op levels but sure I’ll help you run them gt DRACOPHO3NIX

inv me op4 siren, dont mind running trough lover levels to help out


I’m op3 and want to do get to 8. Gt SickMunkey

Looking for people to do op levels

I’m at op3 now and ready to level more.

What’s your gamer tag

I already finished :slight_smile:

Can someone explain what op1-op8 means?

Looking for people to run op1-op8 with message xfurios15 for inv

I’m online now and will run through it

I will run it when I’m on


Hey, Maya 72/ OP level 5. Also just looking to beat raid bosses as well, i’m down for whatever honestly. Gamertag THI5 GUYY