Grouse and Sparrow anachronism

It just hit me : This model of service bot is based on Death Trap, which was made by Gaige about a decade ago. (As it is explained in different echo log spanning from borderland 2 to borderland 3)

Typheon Deleon bought two bots on Pandora before going to Nekrodefeyo a few decades ago.

Meaning he apparently bought those two bot, before Gaige designed the first prototype.

Conspiracy, I tell you

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In my head, I see Linkara’s oft used “Great continuity” clip… but I’m pretty sure most around here probably wouldn’t get an Atop the Fourth Wall reference. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Takes sip from brandy snifter

“I don’t suppose any of you philistines have heard of That Guy With The Glasses dot com.”

Maybe Typhon was some sort of time traveler and that explains all of the massive continuity issues surrounding the character.

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Maliwan recently raided Nekrotafeyo so perhaps Typhon stole some of their bot parts to upgrade/repair the original bots he brought with him.

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