GRRRR Updates.... Killing Traunt

Once upon a time, when I figured it out, Killing Traunt became EASY… then an update happened… He became hard again {bad-word} {bad-word} {bad-word}.

I did find out how to kill him, again, fortunately.

Why can’t the just fix the problems? Why do they have to do this extra crap, like changing Traunt’s tactics???

Ich denke das es dann doch zu einfach wäre!
Oder macht es nur Spaß wenn man im Bossfight 12 Sekunden braucht? Dann kann man auch ohne Chaos und auf Normal Spielen oder seh ich das falsch?
Bloß meine Meinung… MFG (kleiner Tipp am Rande, Rüsste vorher ein Schild mit E. Schutz aus)

I honestly haven’t noticed any difference. If anything, he’s gotten easier with practice. Are you sure you didn’t just hit a different mayhem mode level/modifiers combination?

[Spoiler] So sah es bei mir das letzte Mal aus…

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Nope. I am still on “normal” mode. I think it was an update that did it, as he tactics have, as I had said, changed.

Perhaps your tactic is good, while my tactic was “good enough”, but not optimal.


another ditto. now even easier with see’in red com (Zane) and ion cannon (moze).

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He has exactly the same game mechanics. One thing about many (all?) bosses is that their attacks seem to be a mixture of scripted (ie when below X% health) and RNG-based (will perform 1 out of 3 attacks randomly with equal chance). You may just have gotten lucky first time and are now seeing the full range?

As far as I can see, there’s nothing in any of the updates that would otherwise change Traunt’s behaviour. Killavolt got a fix to the whole floor electrification. I don’t remember if any of the others got touched.

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You know now that he brought it up I did notice someone (can’t think of what boss) was behaving different the last few kills early today. I don’t think it was traunt though…

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He seems pretty easy still, in fact if anything I think they made the agonizer 9000 easier, almost as if to match Traunt when farming m4 weapons.

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